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ALLOY Podcast 42: Featuring Run Bitch Run

- Sep 19, 2010 at 04:15PM
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Episode Summary: ALLOY Hosts Matt Jacobs and Ben Abbott went to hang out with Salem, OR supergroup Run Bitch Run at Kyle Castronovo's house for a pool and pizza party! Ben did some cray aeronautical shit into the pool and probably peed in it in the process. Matt peed in it… and he didn't even get in the pool… everyone knows fat guys can't swim. Hot tub sex definitely happened… TMI… never mind.

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01.Across the Sun - "The Ardent Optimist"
02.The Antagonist - "The Bane Of Existence"
03.OSI - "Office of Strategic Influence"
04.The Great American Beast - "Drunk Driving"
05.Metaphisc - "Baby Got Back"
06.Last Empire - "Metal Might"
07.And Hell Followed With - "This Night Is The Coroner's"
08.Toxic Holocaust - "Nuke the Cross"
09.Run Bitch Run - "R. Kelly Peed on Me"
10.Veil of Maya - "Unbreakable"

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