Carpenter Brut

- Feb 08, 2017 at 03:52PM
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Carpenter Brut is a French electronic music artist whose real name is Franck Hueso. Little personal information is known about him aside from his French nationality. His anonymity is a deliberate artistic choice in order to place more importance on the music itself rather than the identity of the musician behind it. To date he has released three EPs, which were collected together and released together under the title Trilogy in 2015. He has also contributed original music to a variety of soundtracks. He started writing music as Carpenter Brut with the intention of mixing sounds from horror films, metal, rock, and electronic music. He has toured the United States and Europe, and in 2016 he toured the US with the Swedish heavy metal band Ghost. He performs live with a guitarist and drummer. Source: Wikipedia.

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When the Velvet Underground gets a good show like Carpenter Brut, be prepared to rub elbows with the masses. The venue might be small, but it always packs a 1-2 punch.
on Mar 15, 2017
Carpenter Brut has released new music thanks to the single "Night Stalker" which is taken from the soundtrack to the documentary film Rise of the Synths.
on Mar 05, 2017
France's dark synthwave trio, Carpenter Brut, have confirmed a March 2017 North American tour supporting their latest album, an amalgamation of their first three EPs.
on Feb 09, 2017
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