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Obduracy is Canadian heavy metal at its finest. This independent five-piece from Ottawa is the result of a relentless dedication to creating some devastating and blistering thrash-tinged death metal. The group's real inspiration is a desire to mold an aggressive, unforgiving and genuinely evil sound that takes no prisoners. If you're looking for soft ballads then you can be sure that Obduracy will deliver the exact opposite to that.
on May 02, 2012
If you're one of the fortunate people who attended The Rabid Whole's CD release party at the Bovine in Toronto, Canada last night, then you've already experience this awesome new album. If you missed the show, then we have a super treat for you in the form of this exclusive world premiere of the band's latest album Refuge, due out May 1st, 2012 via Boonsdale Records. Recorded and produced by Karl Schubach (Misery Signals, Solace), mixed by Dave Ogilvie (Jakalope, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) and mastered by Noah Mintz (Broken Social Scene, Death From Above 1979), Refuge is one industrial metal/alternative rock album you won't want to miss!
on Apr 28, 2012
Rock band With Knives (featuring members of Fall Out Boy, The Damned Things, Shiner, Every Time I Die and more) just premiered their debut EP Schadenfreude online. The album is out via Son Of Man Records and is currently streaming below and available for name your own price purchase.
on Apr 25, 2012
The Melbourne, Australia progressive thrash metal quintet Teramaze released their new opus, AnhedoniA, today, May 24th, via Nightmare Records. While fans of groups the likes of Pantera, Tool, Nevermore, Karnivool and even Devin Townsend should eat this release up, we have a sinking feeling metal fans in general will find it hard to resist these Ozzies' sounds. The new 10-track affair (11 if you get the bonus CD version) was produced and mixed by Dean Wells and mastered by Lasse lammert and is loaded with moments of groove, aggressive vocals and other varying metal elements.
on Apr 24, 2012
Metal band Scythe are now streaming their new album Beware the Scythe online in its entirety. The new band featuring Rick Scythe, (ex-Usurper) have recently unleashed their debut album Beware the Scythe through Primitive Reaction. This is brutal blackened death metal that will pulverize your senses and leave you begging for more.
on Apr 23, 2012
Download and/or stream the new Citizen/Turnover split album down below. All orders come with an immediate download of the record featuring two download-only acoustic bonus acoustic tracks from each band. There also is a number of exclusive packages, including a new pre-order only shirt from each band. Vinyl is available in three beautiful colorways - Milky Clear with Oxblood Haze (300), Half Baby Blue/Half Magenta with Black Splatter (400), and Sea Blue (800).
on Apr 20, 2012
Set for release on April 20th, Memories Of A Dead Man’s sophomore album V.I.T.R.I.O.L. sees this France-based post-rock/hardcore band returning with yet another album that is simultaneously captivating and ambitious. As with their debut EP Maze, this new disc ebbs and flows like a moving tide, first hypnotizing you then sucking you into it's depths. Offer your undivided aural attention or there's a good chance you'll miss some of the wonderful little nuances hidden within each song.
on Apr 18, 2012
Electronic-rock artist and producer Blue Stahli has just released his debut, self-titled album into national distribution in North America through a new distribution deal between record label FiXT and Nail Distribution. Stream the entire album below.
on Apr 17, 2012
In support of their new album Dream Seeds released April 10th on Northern Spy Records, New York avant-garde / post-industrial pop trio Extra Life decided to stream the new album online. Check it out down below.
on Apr 16, 2012
Set for release on April 20th, Derelict are primed and ready to unleash their latest and greatest slew of neck-snapping songs, Perpetuation, unto the unsuspecting and unprepared world of metal.
on Apr 14, 2012
In celebration of its release, this week hardcore warriors The Love Below are streaming their debut full-length Every Tongue Shall Caress, the brutal release having been freshly unleashed last week by A389 Records, on Bandcamp. Recorded at Eastland Studios in East Los Angeles and at Gramma's Boy in Fullerton by Dan Bieranowski, The Love Below's introductory full-length Every Tongue Shall Caress belts out thirteen high-angst numbers in under twenty-four minutes.
on Apr 14, 2012
Avant-garde black metal duo Formloff released their latest work of audio grimness in the form of Spyhorelandet last month via Eisenwald. The follow up to 2006’s Adjø Silo finds the eclectic Norwegian duo - Bernt Karsten Sannerud and Marius Sjøli - exploring the darker, more atmospheric realms of their past.
on Apr 13, 2012
Switchblade Rosie have a love for jazz, metal, and classical music. Because of this the band has created their unique brand of metal combining influences from artists from John Coltrane to Meshuggah, Death, and even Bach, these forward-thinking gents believe in the idea that music should never be singularly genre-specific. The new EP entitled Nocturnal Guest will be released on March 17th, 2012. Check out this live stream of the EP for a week.
on Apr 08, 2012
Fans of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Dio, Accept, Rainbow, Ozzy, Hammerfall, Primal Fear and Sabaton check this one out now! This is the world premiere of A Sound of Thunder's new album Out of the Darkness and it's a freaking doozy! The Washington, DC progressive power metal quartet is set to release this new masterpiece tomorrow, March 27th, via Nightmare Records and thus far the reviews have been nothing but rave. Now is your chance to be a critic and preview the entire album; simply press play below and let the metal flow!
on Mar 26, 2012
Their debut EP, Saw You There, dropped in September of 2011 and has fared very well since. While the site is hosting a free download of the Radio version of "You Don't Belong", we're now also pleased to present a stream of the entire EP. Enjoy!
on Jan 15, 2012
Uniting from many different bands (Atreyu, Hotwire, Scars of Tomorrow, Nightfall), Fake Figures has come, and approaches at full tilt with a sonically diverse platter for those to choose from. The band is on the brink of releasing their first EP, Hail The Sycophants.
on Dec 12, 2011 is not shy about speaking up about what they do, for what they do is what they are passionate about. Thankfully, they aren’t going to put you to sleep with what the french call a ‘metro-boulot-dodo’ story.
on Dec 08, 2011
In the summer of 2006, a group of bored college students decided to form a band. Pizza, Whisky and Pepto Bismal. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect band. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction... Chemical X. Thus Footprints In The Custard were born!
on Dec 02, 2011
Well known for her voice in Mary and The Black Lamb, Lindz Riot is taking the reins yet again in her first ever solo effort “Schoolcraft”. Native to Canada, the classically trained vocalist and pianist draws new inspiration from nature, fantasy, trip hop beats, and symphonic orchestration. All while keeping the simplicity of piano driven pop ballads.
on Nov 16, 2011
Austin's indie-pop quintet Quiet Company has released their new full length We Are All Where We Belong October 4th. We Are All Where We Belong chronicles the many different emotions that a person goes through in a break up: sadness, resentment, self-doubt, but ultimately hope and the indescribable joy and freedom that comes from the realization of making the right decision.
on Oct 08, 2011


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