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North American straightedge/vegan hardcore/crust band Sect is streaming their new album No Cure For Death in full!
on Nov 28, 2017
After teasing you with singles such as "Saturday Job At Laser Quest," Loom has made their return with their new EP London Ambient.
on Nov 27, 2017
Just in time for its release date, Calligram have released a full stream of their new album Askesis.
on Nov 25, 2017
Los Angeles quartet Here Lies Man have dropped an early stream of their new four track EP Animal Noises.
on Nov 24, 2017
Colorado black metal band Sar Isatum have released a full stream of their new album Shurpu which you can check out below.
on Nov 20, 2017
Vienna, Austria-based Gerald Peter, is an exceptional artist who's premiering his new EP entitled Incremental Changes, Pt. 1 right here!
on Nov 20, 2017
Neuchâtel, Switzerland dark pop trio dIVA have shared a full stream of their debut EP Sol, a week ahead of its release on Division Records.
on Nov 19, 2017
Metalcore group Speaking With Ghosts has given us a taste of their new record with the full stream of Illuminated.
on Nov 18, 2017
Canadian pop-grungers Rebelle have dropped their brand new single EP Hide which you can hear below.
on Nov 17, 2017
Milan, Italy's alternative folk rock trio, The Ghibertins, are streaming their album The Less I Know the Better which just dropped today!
on Nov 17, 2017
Sweden’s PRIEST is a must-hear. A must-add to your #musicradar. Check out the debut of their, New Flesh, via Lövely Records on November 17th.
on Nov 15, 2017
Canadian melodic thrash metal group Threat Signal have a full stream of their fourth studio album Disconnect.
on Nov 10, 2017
European metal quartet Impureza have released a full stream of the band's new record La Caída de Tonatiuh.
on Nov 10, 2017
The ReAktion have unleashed their new album Similitude in full with a new stream which you can check out here.
on Nov 09, 2017
Spook The Horses, are all revved up to issue their new studio recording People Used To Live Here on November 10th via Pelagic Records.
on Nov 08, 2017
French electronic, bass lords Dirtyphonics have put out a stream of their new EP Vantablack which you can preview below!
on Nov 06, 2017
Swedish death metal group Throne of Heresy have streamed their entire new album Decameron to coincide with its release.
on Nov 03, 2017
Formed just in July 2017, alternative hardcore band Lifetight has released a stream of their debut EP Self-Tightled on Crooked Noise Records.
on Nov 01, 2017
Experimenting with elements of prog, djent, funk, and electronic sampling plus featuring his frankenstein 9 string bass, Vvon Dogma I are now streaming their debut EP Communion.
on Oct 30, 2017
Progressive metal band Lark are set to release their self-titled debut EP this week and we are happy to share the exclusive world premiere with you!
on Oct 30, 2017


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