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We're offering a free download of the single "Private Members Gentleman's Club" from British garage rock up-and-comers, Sweet Jonny!
on Feb 16, 2017
The Czech Republic's dark progressive/experimental metal band, Demimonde, are offering up a free sampling of their latest album's atmospheric and avant-garde sounds via a free download of the single "Dark Matter".
on Feb 15, 2017
Free download of the new sigle "Disclosure" from Hamilton, Ontario-based alternative rock group, Radio Free Universe. Debut album, Casa Del Diablo, out March 17th, 2017 via Jet Pack Records!
on Feb 15, 2017
St. Catharines' rockers Kaptur released their Go To Waste EP (purchase it right here) on February 3rd and today we're pleased to offer a free download of the track "Futureproof".
on Feb 14, 2017
With Omega Diatribe's heavy grooves and polirhytmic elements, we're pleased to offer a download of "Molecular Torsion," the first of the Iapetus tracks to have been remastered.
on Feb 13, 2017
Scottish hard rock quintet, The Broken Ravens, released their new self-titled EP on February 10th and we're pleased to now offer a free download of the album's song "Dead Rose".
on Feb 12, 2017
Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're pleased to offer a free download of Gainesville, FL-based musician, Mike Llerena's new song "Rosanna."
on Feb 10, 2017
ENIME are a thrash metal band from Montreal, Quebec, that released their latest 12-track album, Demon Inside, on July 25, 2016. Grab a free download of the song (and title track) "Demon Inside"!
on Feb 09, 2017
How about some folk metal from Normandy via a free song download of Drenaï's "Beyond The Gate"?!
on Feb 08, 2017
Get excited, because we are offering you a glimpse into a wicked new band called Encoder with a free download of their track "Weirwood!"
on Feb 06, 2017
On February 10, 2017 Vibrant Heels will release their 7-song EP titled DRIVEN (per-order your copy RIGHT HERE) and today we've got the pleasure of offering a free download of the song "Soak It Up."
on Feb 05, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts-based alternative rockers, The Velvet Ants, released their latest album, Blacklight Press, on December 9th, 2016 and today we're pleased to offer a free download of the single "Another Planet".
on Feb 01, 2017
In this exclusive premiere, we're stoked to help New Jersey-based psyched-out rock quintet, Super Snake, promote their upcoming full-length, Leap Of Love, via a free download of their new song "Spirit Cave."
on Jan 30, 2017
With a video now live for their recent "Punk Goes" style cover of Goo Goo Dolls' song "Broadway," we teamed up with Worst Kept Secret to offer you this free download of the track!
on Jan 22, 2017
As a special taste of their forthcoming album, Turn To Stone, we've partnered with Cedar Boulevard to offer their song "Take This Sin" as a free download!
on Jan 20, 2017
Their new album is expected in Spring 2017 and until then, to whet people's appetite's for more of the band's crunchy riffery, we're offering a free download of Dead Eyes' single "American Nightmare."
on Jan 17, 2017
We're giving away a free download of the song "Null And Void" from the blackened symphonic death metal beast that is Dublin, Ireland's Sonus Mortis!
on Jan 09, 2017
We're back with more music from Calgary, Alberta's melodic heavy metal quintet, Red Cain. Come and download/stream their ripping song "Guillotine"!
on Jan 05, 2017
EORÐESLAJYR is a great, experimental metal band with a very difficult name to pronounce and a new free download for the song "Baba Yaga The Boney-Legged."
on Jan 04, 2017
We previously featured this band's ridiculous, 7 minute and 41 second song "I Remember", and today we get to offer up a free download of The Chronicles of Israfel's track, "Violet Empress (Last Love)"!
on Dec 16, 2016