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Weesp are offering a free download of the single "Solar Empire", which features Norma Jean's Cory Brandan.
on Nov 09, 2017
With Robb Torres' rock trio, Robbery Inc., set to kick off performances at Indie Week tonight, we're pumped to offer a free “Honeybee” song download!
on Nov 08, 2017
San Francisco resident Richard Turgeon is following up his recent ten-song solo effort titled In Between the Spaces, with this cool cover of Nirvana's "About a Girl".
on Nov 06, 2017
To celebrate The Day of the Dead, we've partnered up with electronic-experimental band Frege to giveaway their new single "Andromeda"!
on Nov 02, 2017
Bristol, Rhode Island-based independent metal quintet, Noxii Arena, are offering a free download of their song "Bred For Annihilation"!
on Oct 29, 2017
We're thrilled to offer a free download of the single "I Believe In You" from Sydney, Australia's metallic hard rockers, Dreamers Crime.
on Oct 27, 2017
New York City's Satanic sleaze rockers Danse dE Sade are about as grimy as their hometown's seedy, rat-infested streets. Grab a free download of the single "Stiletto Ghetto".
on Oct 22, 2017
New York is home to a new alternative rock group dubbed The Freaks! Check out the free track "Wastecats" today!
on Oct 18, 2017
Grab a free download of the ripping single "Hang" thanks to Orange County, CA-based blues-infused heavy rock trio, Idlewar. New album Rite out now via Off Yer Rocka Recordings!
on Oct 13, 2017
Edmonton, Albertan rockers, Alleviate, play some straight-up rock and roll and are damned proud of that fact. Grab a free download of the single “Handle” today!
on Oct 12, 2017
Montreal, Canada rockers, Chair Warriors, continue their upward momentum with this free download of their single "Primal".
on Oct 09, 2017
We're pumped to be offering a free download of the single "Rock N Roll" from the four-piece of fantastically funky fretted fury, Vancouver, BC's Bend Sinister!
on Oct 09, 2017
Liverpool, UK's Crejuvent is the extreme metal solo project of Federico ‘Freddy’ Spera who is offering a free download of his single "Time".
on Oct 09, 2017
We have yet "Another Number" for you thanks to this free song download from female solo artist Mercy Weiss!
on Oct 02, 2017
Des Moines, Iowa's The Fuss are all about the ruckus. Rock and roll that is! Download a free high res copy of their single "Boy"!
on Oct 02, 2017
Diabology, are all about the thrash! Take for example the single "Lost Viking" -- which you can now download here for free!
on Oct 01, 2017
Long Island, NY punk rock band Steal Reserve has agreed to let us offer the track "Wheel of Justice" as a free download, just for you!
on Oct 01, 2017
We got a free song download from The Cryptkeeper Five, or as they are sometimes known The CK5, for their track titled "MadDog 20/20 no. 2"!
on Sep 27, 2017
New band Ozone Squeeze released their self-titled debut on September 15th via Abstract Logix and we're pleased to offer a free download of the single "Supernatural Man".
on Sep 26, 2017
Check out the brand new single "Bentley" from up-and-coming hip-hop artist, Melk.
on Sep 25, 2017


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