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"Slip To Dust" is a new completely free song download from one of the coolest-named bands ever, Reserving Dirtnaps.
on Dec 12, 2016
We're thrilled to offer a free download of the new song "We Will Survive" from New York's female-fronted hard rock band, Charetta!
on Dec 09, 2016
Hitting you right in the "cranium" is our latest free track titled "Imperial Duster" from the fast-rising band Craneium.
on Dec 08, 2016
With their song "Dagger For The Eye" - which you can now stream and download right here - Calgary, Alberta's The Press Gang pay homage to the late, great David Bowie.
on Dec 05, 2016
Arizona is home to the alternative rock quartet The Real Fits, a female-fronted band whose song "Sundown" we're pleased to offer as a free high quality download.
on Dec 01, 2016
Sydney, Australia's Red Gazelle are a hard rock four-piece that is set to release its new 7-track album, Red Gazelle, on December 4th, 2016 and today we're stoked to offer a free download of the single "Pretty Little Lies"!
on Nov 30, 2016
We're pumped to offer a free download and early listen to the new track "drummer+available" from experimental, instrumental metal duo, Cotillion!
on Nov 25, 2016
We're offering a free download of the track "I Must Obey" from Berlin, Germany's psychedelic stoner rock trio, Cosmic Fall!
on Nov 24, 2016
Clocking in at 4:14, the song "Amok" is an utterly perfect introduction to Dominican metal band Medulah and their blend of groove and death metal!
on Nov 23, 2016
Philadelphia, PA ska/pop-punk quintet Behind Deadlines will drop their full-length album Status Quo on December 1st, 2016 and are now offering a free download of the song "Optimism".
on Nov 22, 2016
Check out a free download of the song "Marie" courtesy of Montreal, Canada's raw, garage rock band, Light Bulb Alley!
on Nov 21, 2016
We've got a free download of the track "Once We Were Gods" for you to chew on. Download/stream the song from Toronto, Canada-based hard rock band, Punishment!
on Nov 18, 2016
Please grab a free download of the song "Generation Zero" from Leverkusen, Germany's alternative rock group Destinova.
on Nov 14, 2016
We previously premiered their lyric video for the song "Hiraeth" (watch it below) and today we have the privilege of debuting Red Cain's track "Dead Aeon Requiem" via this free song download!
on Nov 11, 2016
We're offering up a free, high quality download of the song "Libra" from Athens, Greece's djenty progressive metal quintet, Ortensia.
on Nov 10, 2016
Today, we're able to afford you a shining example of the blistering work of New Jersey's unsigned instrumental progressive death metal act Ophidius via a free download of their song "Seven Thousand Steps".
on Nov 09, 2016
Today, we're sharing a free download of "Part I (The Gazer)", the opening track off the 4-song album, Gazing Light Eternity, from Piacenza, Italy's independent, one-man black metal band Chiral.
on Nov 04, 2016
With a new 5-song EP, Frame Of Mind, slated for a November 25, 2016 release we're pumped to help unsigned Canadian punk rock n' roll trio Excuses Excuses premiere their track "The Outsider"!
on Nov 04, 2016
We're pleased to offer a free download of the song "Authenti(city)" off the new concept EP titled Of Time from Florence, Italy alternative rock band, Adam Kills Eve.
on Oct 29, 2016
We've got some good news, rock fans! Alternative hard rockers Celeb Car Crash have offered up a free download of their song "January"!
on Oct 26, 2016


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