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Crank your speakers and get ready for a rumbling because B-Sides has partnered with LA's SWAGE on the track "On The Floor".
on Aug 07, 2017
Part metal, part heavy rock, it's all good. Check out a free download of the Serperus single "Divulge".
on Aug 07, 2017
Little Seoul, LA is home to the stellar rap prospect Paul Foster who on July 28, 2017, delivered his debut 9-song offering of chilled-out hooks and rhymes, God's Only Oppressed Kid.
on Aug 07, 2017
"Small Town" is our latest free song download and it's thanks to the Edmonton, Alberta indie rockers Hewson Grey.
on Aug 05, 2017
Ottawan band Deathsticks released a pair of tunes on July 5, 2017, 1 of which - "Buzzkill" - you can grab as a free download!
on Aug 04, 2017
If the thought of psychedelic doom metal activates your goose bumps then you're going to want to strap in an read up on Austin, Texas' Destroyer Of Light and, more specifically, their new album Chamber of Horrors
on Aug 03, 2017
If you like you rock poppy, then you're going to love Los Angeles, CA's quintet Romance & Rebellion and their single "For A Moment".
on Aug 02, 2017
New York rock quartet Superfecta are pleased to offer a free download of their single "Simple Lines".
on Jul 31, 2017
"Will It Be Enough?" Check out this free download from French industrial metal band Heartlay and see for yourself!
on Jul 29, 2017
Check a free download of the single "Eos" from the Burlington, Ontario-based rock quintet Kill No Albatross!
on Jul 26, 2017
Grab a free download of the single "Kredo Tvoyo" (Thy Creed) from the independent fantasy metal project from Moscow, Russia, FS Projekt.
on Jul 15, 2017
Down with the fuzz? Well, then you'll want to get hip on the Philly rockers The Stone Eye. Sample their tunes with a free download of the single "Farewell Lady".
on Jul 13, 2017
Oxford, UK's miserable hardcore quartet MSRY covered Cancer Bat's original jam, "Hail Destroyer", and it's heavy-as-sin. Grab a free download!
on Jul 12, 2017
From Oberhausen, Germany comes Misanthrope Monarch, a metal quintet which mix death and thrash to monstrous proportions. Grab their single "The Brotherhood Of Destruction" here!
on Jul 09, 2017
Hamilton, Ontario indie rockers The Bandicoots released their four-track Zolly EP on June 23, 2017, and today we're lucky to offer up a free download of the single "Vesper".
on Jul 07, 2017
Muscular Child recently released the new album Risk Factor 100% and we are offering you a free download of "Preacher Man," one of the record's standout tracks.
on Jul 04, 2017
We're offering a free download of the single "Graves" from the independent Thessaloniki, Greece-based modern metalcore band Astrarot.
on Jul 03, 2017
Flagstaff, Arizona-based black metal two-piece Unholy Baptism are offering a free download of their single "Staring Into the Black".
on Jul 03, 2017
We're pleased to offer a free download of the song "Bigfoot's an Alien" from musician, author, columnist. marketing copywriter, and suburban dad, Richard Turgeon.
on Jun 28, 2017
We're stoked to be offering the song "Humiliation" from Arizona's old-school rock and rollers with a '70s punk vibe, White Demons for free download!
on Jun 25, 2017


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