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Check out a free download of the song "Shrine of Enmity" from Porto, Portugal's Deathcore/Metalcore quintet, Forbidden To Fly.
on Aug 04, 2016
We're pleased to offer, for free download, the song "Sea Caves" from Berlin, Germany-based punk band, Dysnea Boys.
on Aug 03, 2016
Up-and-coming rock band Corusco just released "Burn Out Loud", the first single off their debut EP, which we are now pleased to offer you as a free download.
on Jul 26, 2016
New to the hardcore/shoegaze band Precious? That's cool, we'll give you the lowdown in just a second, but first grab a free download of their track "Head Down"!
on Jul 26, 2016
Today we have the pleasure of offering a free download of the single "Wreckless Soul" off the forthcoming Some Other's Day EP from Seattle, WA's blossoming rock band, SixTwoSeven.
on Jul 25, 2016
Free download of the song "Code Ocean" off the new album Enter the Sentai from Manga-themed progressive rock band Pseudo/Sentai now up for grabs!
on Jul 23, 2016
We have the great pleasure of premiering the new song, "Proposition", from Chicago, IL-based space rock quartet, Lybria.
on Jul 19, 2016
Get to know the New Jersey-based rock quintet, Iron Bridge Band, via this stream and free download of their single "Black Sheep's Son".
on Jul 18, 2016
We're pleased to offer a free download of the thundering song "Wake Me When I'm Dead" from Southern Germany's melodic death metal band, IAMENEMY.
on Jul 16, 2016
We are pleased to help introduce you to, or just to bring you more rad music, from Philadelphia based SPiN with a free download of their killer new track "My Hysteria."
on Jul 15, 2016
Come one, come all. This is Châteauguay, Québec-based new age metal band DistortHead and you NEED to hear them! Check out a free download of their song "Ode To The Sun".
on Jul 15, 2016
With plans to return to the studio this August and emerge with an even more formidable musical arsenal, we're stoked to have teamed up with Mayfly to offer a free download of their song "The Line That Separates".
on Jul 13, 2016
Check out a free download of the song "Abrasive Harbingers" from French death metal band Eradikal Insane and get ready for a sonic pounding!
on Jul 06, 2016
Mother Leads pack melody, hooks, big riffs and tight drumming into an eargasm of rock and roll... but don't take our word for it, just grab this free download of their song "Lost Cosmonauts".
on Jun 30, 2016
We've got a free download of the newest single "Dead Century" from Toronto, Canada's self-described "Weapon Rock" band, Wildlife.
on Jun 17, 2016
"Flowers" is a very cool song from Greater Toronto Area musician Will Coke that we are offering for free download.
on Jun 16, 2016
Aktaion hails from Hallands län, Sweden and, since their metal is so darn good, we're offering up yet another free song download, this time for the track "Candid Flow of the Shrapnel Dust".
on Jun 14, 2016
We recently partnered with Southampton, UK's female-fronted black metal/post metal quintet Cairiss to offer up a free download of their song "Disgraced".
on Jun 13, 2016
Free download of the song "Reliving A Fear You Faced" from the Albuquerque, New Mexico-based post-rock band, After Osmosis.
on Jun 09, 2016
"The Idea of North" is our latest free download and it comes via the Vancouver, BC pop punk/indie rock trio, Sightlines.
on Jun 07, 2016


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