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We are happy to give you a dose of some CanCon with a free download of UFORIA's "Radiation" from the band's latest EP Fight or Flight.
on Mar 24, 2017
Our latest free song download offering is for the single "Old Habits" courtesy of Vancouver, BC's ripping rockheads, CRNKSHFT.
on Mar 17, 2017
Iowa City-based indie rock fivesome, Halfloves, released their new single "Wrong Songs" on March 10, 2017, and we're lucky to now offer it up as a free song download.
on Mar 16, 2017
You're going to want to get to know Milwaukee, WI-based rock/metal quintet, American Bandit, sooner rather than later so why not just take our advice and begin with a free download of their single "Decay Way"?
on Mar 15, 2017
Pseudo released their 10-track full-length, The Renovations, on November 19th, 2016 (buy a copy right here) and as of today we're stoked to offer a free download of the single "I've Got No Eggs."
on Mar 14, 2017
Eastern North America is currently being belted by some unexpected, late-season blizzard action so we're warming things up with a free download of the song "To Live" from Austin, Texas-based duo, Primal Static.
on Mar 14, 2017
Austin, TX-based Cotton Mather will release his latest offering, the 11-song Wild Kingdom, on April 7th, 2017 and as of today, we're pleased to offer a free download of the song "Better Than A Hit".
on Mar 12, 2017
We've teamed up with Chandler, AZ-based heavy metal quartet, Murkocet, to offer a free download of the song "Dead World" off their new album Digging Mercy's Grave.
on Mar 12, 2017
This Gun For Hire are due to release their debut album Something A Little More Sinister on March 31, 2017, and as of today we're stoked to offer a free download of the single "Barn Burner."
on Mar 11, 2017
El Paso, TX-based artist Riot Ten has partnered with Tucson, AZ's Sirenz for a new single (and free download) called "Scream!" released exclusively via Dim Mak’s New Noise.
on Mar 07, 2017
Castlemaine, Australia's DEAD are back and making so much noise that they've suitably titled their new album, We Won’t Let You Sleep. Check out the single "Fingers As Arrows" today!
on Mar 06, 2017
OK, let's send your week's energy levels into overdrive with a free download of the song "Primal" from Venice, Italy's blackened death metal quintet, From The Shores!
on Mar 06, 2017
We're pleased to offer an exclusive free download of the song "Infinity Complex" from Victoria, B.C.'s blackened thrash metallers, Torrefy!
on Mar 03, 2017
Toronto, Canada's rock quintet, Mad Machines, are pleased to have release their new single "Once I Was A Lion."
on Feb 28, 2017
Until new music drops, Toronto, ON-based independent alternative punkers Hormoans want you to grab a free download of their single "Only One".
on Feb 25, 2017
We've partnered up with Sacramento, California-based electro/speed metal group Kill The Precedent to not only premiere their new single "Irrational Anthem," but also offer it up as a totally free download!
on Feb 23, 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark's metal band RISING recently released a new single called "Beautiful Tomorrow" and now we're also hosting a free download!
on Feb 21, 2017
Hey you, grab a free download of the song "Lone Wolf" from English progressive rock duo, The Black Light.
on Feb 20, 2017
We're offering a free download of the single "Private Members Gentleman's Club" from British garage rock up-and-comers, Sweet Jonny!
on Feb 16, 2017
The Czech Republic's dark progressive/experimental metal band, Demimonde, are offering up a free sampling of their latest album's atmospheric and avant-garde sounds via a free download of the single "Dark Matter".
on Feb 15, 2017


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