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You're about to both hear and download the Losing Landscapes EP from Hayward, California's electronic rock duo, Chelsey and the Noise.
on Dec 08, 2016
We've got a free download of the entire 4-song EP Broken Jagged Edges from the Gateshead, UK-based alternative rock trio, Elephant Memoirs.
on Nov 07, 2016
Come grab a free download of the new 4-song EP, Cedar Spring Motel, from Hamilton, Ontario's hard rock trio, Cedar Spring Motel.
on Aug 21, 2016
Dayton, OH post-metal / experimental trio, Close The Hatch, recently released their fifth EP, Death & Resistance, via Red Moth Records and now we're offering all 4 tracks for free download!
on Apr 06, 2016
We're pleased to also be able to offer a free grab of the 3-song, self-titled EP from Brooklyn, NY heavy psych/stoner trio, River Cult.
on Feb 29, 2016
Ternopil, Ukraine 5-piece metal band Azgard are a pummeling deathcore band and we're stoked to be hosting a free download of their debut, At the Break of the Day.
on Jul 15, 2015
The latest release from Toronto-based rock act, Final Thought, is the self-produced FANTASIZE. Grab it here, for free, NOW!
on Jul 14, 2015
Rival Cult are an alternative heavy rock/punk quartet from Graz, Austria and we're offering a free download of their entire debut EP KILLS!
on Jun 17, 2015
Grab, for free, Grow and Decay, the debut EP from Toronto, Ontario-based metallic hardcore trio, Speaker.
on Mar 16, 2015