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on Apr 22, 2009
"Morning Light"
on Apr 22, 2009
"Rock Around The World"
on Apr 14, 2009
on Apr 13, 2009


"The Slave"
on Apr 13, 2009
on Mar 27, 2009
"Power Spirit"
on Mar 27, 2009
"Guiltless (Mend Your Broken Heart)"
on Mar 23, 2009
on Mar 23, 2009
The River Phoenix are a five-piece alternative rock band from the island of Bornholm. Melodic noise/songs of devotion, alternative rock music, good song-writing and a love for letting the beast out on stage. A mega snake of 3 eclectic guitars tied down by steady drumming and tractor-like bass from the darkest corner of the Baltic Sea.
on Mar 21, 2009
on Mar 20, 2009
Aranda is the first studio album by the hard rock band Aranda. It was released in 2008 on Astonish Entertainment. Source: Wikipedia.
on Feb 17, 2009


"The Hostage"
on Feb 17, 2009
"For the Sake of Sound"
on Feb 09, 2009
Trapt is an American rock band that formed in Los Gatos, California in 1997. The group is composed of lead singer Chris Taylor Brown, lead guitarist Robb Torres, bass guitarist Peter Charell, and drummer Aaron "Monty" Montgomery. They have released three studio albums to date. Their newest record Only Through the Pain was released on August 5, 2008.
on Feb 05, 2009


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