Adult Future - "We Start Over" [Free Song Download]

- Oct 18, 2016 at 11:21AM
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Adult Future are an interesting band to say the least. The Toronto, Canada-based trio can easily fall into the indie rock category but, if hard-pressed to truly define their work, we'd have to take a page out of their own book and go with "electronic, psychedelic, experimental noise pop". A mouthful, we know! Whatever you label them, they're damn different. Let's let the music do the talking... check out a download of their song "We Start Over".

The song comes from the band's new album, In The News, which was released on September 30, 2016 and which you can get for a "name your price" download from Bandcmap right here.

In The News Track Listing:

01. We Start Over
02. The Leaf House
03. For K
04. Here But Not Here
05. You Made Me Do It
06. Go Ahead And Mess Around
07. Data Trails
08. No Returns

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