Blood of the Black Owl - "Light The Fires!" [Bandcamp Album Stream]

- Jul 09, 2012 at 03:43PM
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The Skinny: Another magnificent chapter in the Blood of the Black Owl musical saga is now complete. Bindrune Recordings/Glass Throat Recordings have targeted a July 31st co-release date for Light the Fires! on six-panel Deluxe Gatefold CD.

Light the Fires! is Blood of the Black Owl's most heartfelt and moving piece in this musical entities ever impressive back catalog. Cleaner musical lines that soar with emotion feel like they have been touched by a 70's prog persona and it sits deeply within Black Owl's healing tones. The darkness and light intertwine within these songs in a purging battle that draws the listener in and forces them to evaluate their own place in the natural world, regardless of the torment and trials that weaken their soul.

Light the Fires! Track Listing:

01. Caller of Spirits
02. Wind Eye
03. Rise and Shine
04. Sundrojan
05. Two Ravens at the Tree Line
06. Soil Magicians
07. Disgust and the Horrible Realization of Apathy

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