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Despite Exile - "Mechanical" [Song Stream] [Exclusive World Premiere]

- May 10, 2012 at 07:32PM
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The Skinny: Udine, Italy is home to a 5-piece band that plays some downright fierce metal. Jei Durisotti (vocals), Sanchez Santini (guitar), Carlo Ferraro (guitar), Giovanni Minozzi (bass) and Sasha Veselinovic (drums) came together to form Despite Exile and offer mean prog and deathcore music. It was their unique blend of powerful guitar melodies, death metal and jumpy breakdowns that created a stir on their 2010 debut EP Scarlet Reverie. Met with high critical claim, the buzz afforded Despite Exile the chance to begin touring more extensively all the while quickly growing their reputation.

Enter 2012 and Despite Exile is now set to release a new EP, Re-Evolve, on May 15th. Loaded with 3 frantic tunes, the third of which is "Mechanical" and can be heard just above, this release, while a great offering, is just a warm up to the band's forthcoming full-length. Regardless, Re-Evolve has helped to solidify the band's status as one 2012's fastest growing bands who DO have the licks to make it big. Stay tuned for their next release, show dates and much more!

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