Dryrun - "Run & Hide" [Free Download]

- Jun 18, 2010 at 05:41PM
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The Skinny: Formed in the summer of 2007 Dryrun is an independent hard rock/metal band that consists of five rockers from Winnipeg, MB. They have been known for their energetic stage show and balls to the wall attitude. Dryrun falls nothing short of a hard working group that is driven to succeed; and they are determined to stay that way. Approaching their third year together, the band has just independently released their debut full length album entitled All Fear Aside.

They are eagerly working on their future plans of touring in the summer of 2010, and with the release of the new album only time will tell what the future holds in store for five rockers of Dryun. "Although it has only been three years, we've been through a lot, good and bad; we stay focused and try to never get bumped off stride. We are driven to achieve our goals and I think that is what will make us stand out in the end" said guitarist Jeremy Jost.  [ END ]

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