Encoder - "Weirwood" [Free Song Download]

- Feb 06, 2017 at 12:22PM
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Get excited, because we are offering you a glimpse into a wicked new group called Encoder with a free download of their track "Weirwood!" Encoder is a four-piece from Allentown, Pennsylvania who are best described as a progressive metalcore band, though after checking them out you'll see that they are bringing new and interesting elements to the whole metalcore genre. Established in 2014, the guys are led by the punishing vocals of lead singer Nick Neubauer.

Encoder have been working their asses off since they formed and it has resulted in the stellar new EP titled Vega. The EP includes six new tracks, including the two singles "Aion" and "Mantra." If you're a fan of Sylar, Fit For A King and Erra, then you're going to love this band. Now make it your "mantra" and listen to Encoder!

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