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FAR LANDS Will Have You Screaming "Geronimo" with Their New Single [Exclusive Premiere]

- Sep 12, 2017 at 08:43AM
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We're stoked to share with you the new single "Geronimo" from Portland-based band Far Lands. The group - which includes Andy McFarlane and Battleme's Matt Drenik (childhood friends), together with bassist Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds) and drummer Paul Pulvirenti (Elliott Smith) - recorded their new album Oh What an Honor / Oh What a Drag, which drops in early November, at Get Loud in Portland. Taking cues from Granddaddy, Beck and Neil Young, the music is equal part rocking and chilled-out, good thing you can pre-order it RIGHT HERE!

The band's Andy McFarlane commented on the song, noting: "We spend so much time fighting the feeling of falling. We struggle hard against inevitable endings and dig our heels in as we doubt the beginnings. 'Geronimo' is about surrender and celebrating those times when control is taken away - it's a love song to the free-fall."

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