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GRAYSCALE Unveil Some "Beautiful Things" with New Song Stream

- Apr 16, 2017 at 12:00PM
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Philadelphia's Grayscale has unveiled "Beautiful Things," the latest single to come from their new album Adornment, due out May 5th. The album is full of strong hooks, relatable lyrics and catchy riffs and it all comes into Grayscale's own distinguished sound. The band worked with producer Kyle Black who has worked with State Champs, Handguns and Hit The Lights.

Vocalist Collin Walsh commented, "Beautiful Things' is a dialogue between somebody wanting to take their own life and a close friend of theirs. It is a literal 'talk off the ledge' discussion turned into a song. Adornment has a very wide variety of emotions coursing throughout it, each song having a slightly different feel from the next. This record is something we are very proud of and cannot wait for everyone to hear. We put absolutely everything we had into it. 'Beautiful Things' will give you a taste of the darker side of Adornment; the side that is hard to talk about and drained us to write the most."

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