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HELL OR HIGHWATER Take a "Walk Out In The Rain" with New Song and Stream

- Apr 16, 2017 at 11:15AM
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Hell or Highwater, featuring Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller on lead vocals, has released the stream of a new track called "Walk Out In The Rain." This is one of the standout tracks on Vista, the band's second full-length record. Since their inception, Hell or Highwater have earned comparisons to acts like Foo Fighters and Muse, thanks to their knack for crafting unforgettable and uplifting rock songs, something that have accomplished well on this new release.

Vista Track Listing:

01. Colors
02. Walk Out In the Rain
03. Don't Hate Me
04. Another Good Time
05. Lighter Than Air
06. Blister
07. Don't Stop Get Up
08. Dame
09. Washed Away
10. Pieces
11. I Want It All
12. Revolution

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