Hey! Hello! - "Hey! Hello!" [Album Stream]

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The Skinny: Victoria Liedtke and Ginger Wildheart are the two musical minds that together comprise the rock band Hey! Hello!. The duo released their self-titled debut via The End Records on Tuesday July 22, 2013 and are streaming it online for the world to hear - and sound like, "[a] delicious cheeseburger for the aural senses". How awesome is that?

According to their bio: "Victoria and Ginger feel strongly about the band maintaining a two-person structure as a means to help establish their reputation for being 'on the pulse' of the hottest trends in music (strong height differentials are ALL THE RAGE right now)." Says Victoria of their nee self-titled effort, "[it] smells like the perfect aromatic combination of strawberry gum and those bags of frozen ladybugs you get at the gardening store."

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