Process of Guilt - "FÆMIN" [Bandcamp Album Stream]

- May 30, 2012 at 06:43PM
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The Skinny: Portuguese doomsters Process of Guilt are currently streaming their forthcoming new album FÆMIN in its entirety through their bandcamp page. Check it out just below! Set for release through Division Records on June 11, FÆMIN is the culmination of everything Process of Guilt have learnt over the years and easily stands as greatest and most accomplished effort in band's discography.

Throughout five richly textured tracks spanning 42 minutes, the band fuses the dark, solemn atmospheres of their earlier work with the oppressively heavy aggression of the new. The songs are built around crushing, repetitive riffs that coalesce into an oppressive wall of sound, while the rhythm section displays a massive intensity capable of accenting the anguished atmosphere in one minute and driving the storm forward the next. Process of Guilt are stepping it up with every release and that said, FÆMIN represents a continued growth in terms of song-craft and ambition.

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