Sonus Mortis - "Null And Void" [Free Song Download]

- Jan 09, 2017 at 09:05PM
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The blackened symphonic death metal beast that is Sonus Mortis, released its latest offering, the 11-song Hail The Tragedies Of Man, on November 30, 2016 and as of today, we're giving away a free download of the song "Null And Void".

The group hails form Dublin, Ireland, formed in 2013 and within the 3 short years since has managed to release a staggering amount of music - 1 demo and 3 full-lengths! Hail The Tragedies Of Man is the latest of these releases and can be heard and purchased RIGHT HERE. Amazingly, Sonus Mortis is in fact a one man band led by multi-instrumentalist Kevin Byrne (ex-Valediction). All of the project's music, lyrics, and vocals were arranged, written and recorded by Byrne.

Hail The Tragedies Of Man Track Listing:

01. Chant Demigod
02. Null And Void
03. Subproject 54
04. No Escape
05. And So We Became Slaves Forever
06. End Of Days
07. The Great Catholic Collapse
08. I See Humans But No Humanity
09. Chaos Reigns
10. Wretched Flesh, I Embrace
11. Hail The Tragedies Of Man

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