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STRIKER Streaming Lead Single "Born To Lose" from New Self-Titled Album

- Jan 09, 2017 at 02:39PM
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Edmonton, Alberta metal quartet Striker have just unveiled the lead single, "Born To Lose", from their newly-announced self-titled album. The band's fifth studio recording is due out on February 24, 2017.

Said the guys of the new album:

"This is our no bullshit album. We cut out everything that wasn't absolutely necessary and kept everything short and to the point. We pray at the altar of heavy metal everyday, and there are some musical ideas that persist through time and some that don't. We focused in on what keeps listeners coming back and got rid of everything else. You can't climb Mount Everest dragging any useless shit with you; if you want to make it to the top, only bring with you what is absolutely necessary: Lethal Amounts of Shred."

Striker Track Listing:

01. Former Glory (3:59)
02. Pass Me By (3:33)
03. Born To Lose (3:58)
04. Cheating Death (0:53)
05. Shadows In The Light (3:29)
06. Rock The Night (4:30)
07. Over The Top (4:38)
08. Freedom's Call (4:30)
09. Curse of The Dead (3:49)
Album Length: 33:23

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