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THE NUCLEARS Set a "Record High" with New Single and Album [Exclusive Premiere]

- Apr 17, 2017 at 02:48PM
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Brooklyn, NY's The Nuclears are all about the rock and roll! This makes us happy. Even better then that we have a premiere of the single "Record High" off the band's upcoming EP of the same name, out today via King Pizza Records! Produced by David Pattillo, Record High is euqal parts protopunk, 70’s glitter rock, power pop, and riff-driven heavy metal. Long story short, you gonna dig this!

Commetned the band's frontman Mike Dudolevitch on the new song: "The inspiration for 'Record High' started in the tour van, as we were listening to KISS - we started joking about writing a generic KISS rip-off song called 'Hot Nite'. I had a song idea musically and a set of riffs that we worked on at the next rehearsal, and we figured use 'Hot Nite' as the working title. We started writing the lyrics, and instead of the sexual innuendo-laden direction that'd be obvious for a joking KISS rip-off, we decided to go for a 'Summer in the City' literal direction about a hot night. The phrase 'Record High' came out of finishing up lyrics - we liked that a lot better as a song title and decided to go with that as the EP title as well."

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