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The ReAktion - "I Am Somebody" [Free Song Download]

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The ReAktion have dubbed themselves "rave rock" and while we agree that description is accurate, we don't think it necessarily does the band's sounds justice. You see, while group - currently stationed in Vancouver, BC - do possess modern electronic elements which account for the "rave" in their title, their music is so powerful that "rave rock" seems to miss the mark. They're alternative, they're hard rock, they're electronically-charged, but this shit just plain old pounds too! Take for example the band's song "I Am Somebody"... it is a REAL banger!

Managed by Sid Wilson of Slipknot and his Mach 2.8 Entertainment Management Company, The ReAktion's debut album, Selknam, is an outstanding starting point and one which has afforded them a somewhat quick rise in popularity. With noting slowing them down, the band will head back into the studio with GGGarth and record their next body of work in Vancouver B.C. for release throughMainia Recordings.

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