The Rough Boys - "Hogtown" [World Premiere Song Stream]

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The Skinny: Toronto, Canada-based rockers, The Rough Boys, want you to hear their dirty ass music, and hear it loud! This is rough rock; rock that leaves a gritty taste in your mouth, grease in your hair, and in need of a shower. Long story short, this band fucking rocks! Tom Gervais (bass, vocals), Sam Greenland (drums), and Mark Zapata (guitars) have come together to form a trio that knows exactly how they want their music to sound and fortunately for you, we have this world premiere song stream of their new track "Hogtown" - check it out!

The Rough Boys haven't existed for too long now, and actually got the idea for their name from the Neil Young lyric "All those rough boys, playin' that rock and roll." Now, on July 22, 2014, the group are set to release their third EP, Blood, Booze and Gasoline, to the raging, rocking Toronto-area masses. With some "bluesy stoner rock songs in a punk metal setting" this EP is going to put hair on your chest and piss in your vinegar. Get ready to rock hard!

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