The Trouble With Templeton - "Bleeders" [SoundCloud Album Stream]

- Feb 24, 2013 at 11:40AM
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The Skinny: Brisbane, Australia's The Trouble With Templeton began 18 months ago when a then 20-year-old Thomas Calder (a.k.a Templeton) recorded the 9 songs that would become their debut album Bleeders in his Brisbane home. Since then the project has grown into a five piece indie rock outfit, rapidly
gaining recognition from Australia's biggest tastemakers. The album is a perfect example of the band's evolution from Calder's largely folk solo project to the more expansive soundscapes reminiscent of The National, Jeff Buckley or Radiohead that comprise the projects latest efforts.

The Trouble With Templeton made their North American debut in October 2012 playing 18 shows in 21 days to enraptured, full rooms (including Filter Magazine's "Culture Collide" Festival in LA and the CMJ Music Festival in NY). The band will return in the coming months to take part in the SXSW and Canadian Music Festivals as well dates in both Los Angeles and New York. Look out for more details on The Trouble With Templeton's upcoming North American appearances coming soon!

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