Truth Corroded - "Decimate" [Free Song Download]

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The Skinny: Take one listen to the free "Decimate" download, and see how this isn't your average shred. It's rare to find such a straight forward metal assault with such an open mind. Australian extreme metallers Truth Corroded unleash such a raw and aggressive attack onto the metal front with their latest, Upon The Warlords Crawl.

Forming in 2003, Truth Corroded wasted no time getting to business, touring extensively throughout Australia and Asia, and running their own record label, Truth Inc. Records. With influences ranging from the aggression of Daath and Chimaira to the iconic shred of Morbid Angel and Slayer, Truth Corroded's brand of metal comes at you straight no chase, raw, unfiltered, and uncompromising. Upon The Warlords Crawl was mixed and mastered by Scar Symmetry guitarist Jonas Kjellegren, which the album was highly praised throughout Australia, resulting in landing opening Aussie tour slots for Lamb Of God, Suffocation, In Flames, and many more.

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