Tylor Dory Trio - "Achilles Last Stand" (Led Zeppelin Cover) [Free Song Download]

- Aug 22, 2016 at 01:38PM
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We are extremely pleased to be offering you another free download from Edmonton, Alberta progressive rock band, Tylor Dory Trio. After last year's "Time, The Beholder", we now present to you a free download of their latest track "Achilles Last Stand." You probably thought there for a second, "wait, he didn't just say 'Achilles Last Stand,' did he?" Well, yes, he did!

"Achilles Last Stand" is of course the ten minute epic from hard rock pioneers Led Zeppelin that appeared on their seventh studio album, 1976's Presence. This isn't just some song you can pick up and learn in five minutes; this is seriously complex rock n' roll music and Tylor Dory Trio have really crafted something special here.

When they decided to record a version of "Achilles Last Stand" they went a more non-traditional route and did a shorter version, but one that still clocks in around seven minutes. The band is already known for performing long and complex songs, so this is right up their alley. The band have truly crafted something special here which any listener of hard rock music could appreciate.

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