WRATH OF ECHOES Unveil Full Stream of Doomy New Album "A Fading Bloodline" [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jan 06, 2017 at 02:22PM
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Québec, Canada's doom metal band, Wrath Of Echoes will release their new EP, A Fading Bloodline, on Friday, January 13th, 2017 via Canadian label PRC Music. Fortunately for all you fans, we're thrilled to offer the exclusive premiere of A Fading Bloodline a whole week before it drops. Strap in and hit play now!

For the uninitiated, Wrath Of Echoes is a quartet that boasts current members from Doom's Day and Daedalean Complex and mixes both melodic metal and doom into their own melancholic sound. Think old Amorphis, Swallow The Sun and and Barren Earth for an idea of their tunes.

Hit play now and be sure to pre-order your own copy of A Fading Bloodline RIGHT HERE!

A Fading Bloodline [EP] Track Listing:

01. As the Sun Sets
02. A Fading Bloodline
03. The Asphodel Meadows
04. Weight of Time
05. Wrath of Echoes

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