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It's been a long road for People In Grey. After playing with half of Toronto's musicians, more line up changes than the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and name changes galore, we arrive upon today's version of People In Grey. A three piece that fancies guttural Brit-infused garage rock and roll and writes raging anthems to dance to.
on May 07, 2010
We Were Skeleton's (Lancaster, PA) brand of screamy, chaotic hardcore should appeal to long-time fans of the genre. Their new self-titled album is due out June 29th on LP and CD from Topshelf Records and the first pressing of the vinyl is 500 (100 black and 400 random color mix).
on May 05, 2010
The Baghdaddios, indie veterans of the Lower East Side punk rock scene, have been making music in NYC for over 17 years. One of the best loved, underground acts of the late '90s, they continue to record and release new songs. This Tuesday, May 4th, The Baghdaddios released a special issue targeting moms, “Song Fer Ma (Happy Mutha’s Day)”.
on May 04, 2010
Brooklyn based Hey Guy fronted by singer and songwriter, Russian born Boris Pelekh, a member of Nickelodeon's "The Naked Brothers" show, is currently in the studio working on their latest record. The band's sound is one seldom heard today: a modern rock act with catchy melodies and artistic sensibility that doesn't take itself too seriously.
on Apr 30, 2010
On a rainy afternoon in February, Göteberg, Sweden's The Soundtrack of Our Lives made their way to Stratosphere Sound (which counts ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha as one of its owners) in New York City. Only hours after landing, they plugged in their equipment and cranked out five fantastic numbers that…
on Apr 29, 2010
With the release of their highly anticipated third album, everyone is watching Eyes Set To Kill. The Phoenix based group has quickly become one of the most talked about groups in the scene after their two previous efforts garnered significant critical acclaim. With Broken Frames due out June 8th via Break Silence Records, Eyes Set To Kill has recorded their most aggressive album to date.
on Apr 16, 2010
In the filthy sludge depths of Vancouver, the smoke clears – albeit briefly. With a thunderous cough, three shadowy figures emerge from the miasma. The throaty Deuce on guitar and vocals, with a tattooed drumming beauty and the heavy handed ‘The Judge’ on bass. Mendozza’s relocation to the desolate remoteness…
on Apr 15, 2010
Haunted Shores is a progressive metal project based out of Washington D.C. and NYC. It currently consists of former Periphery frontman Chris Barretto on vocals, Mark Holcomb guitar/bass, and Misha (Bulb) Mansoor producer/programmer. The group is working on a full length album as well as putting together a full band…
on Apr 14, 2010
Cyclamen is a progressive metal band from the UK. The band consists of Hayato Imanishi, Duncan Lee, Nano Sigo, Olly Steele, and Ed Newman. Cyclamen has also worked with Mikee Goodman (SikTh) and Travis Orbin (Sky Eats Airplane) and are in the process of working on a full length as well. Enjoy this song stream and get…
on Apr 13, 2010
Saving Abel is an American rock band from Corinth, Mississippi, founded by members by Jared Weeks and Jason Null in 2004. The band's name references the biblical story of Cain and Abel. Band member Jason Null came up with the name saying “I Googled the story of Cain and Abel and found a line about ‘there was no saving Abel,’ which just jumped out at me.”
on Apr 12, 2010
While we all sleep, two musicians are up transposing their feelings into music. Unlike others around them they were big into darker rock music. Time went on till finally these two came together under the name Mary And The Black Lamb. As more time went on they found three more to join their group. Two became five which…
on Apr 10, 2010
LA’s Wake Up Lucid started as a vision of singer and guitarist Ryan Baca’s deceased father. In the dream they wrote a song together, and the name of the song was “Wake Up Lucid.” Since that fateful night in 2008, Ryan and his two cousins Ian (bass) and Jamie Baca (drums) have quickly burned their name into the rock and roll…
on Apr 08, 2010
An iconic band can come from the unlikeliest of places and from the scorched fields of Turlock, central California, comes Evaline – a young 6 piece band who play their unrivalled rock songs using layered sounds and swooning vocals. Think Radiohead and add in a helping of Jane’s Addiction. Add to that an explosive live show…
on Apr 07, 2010
Billog formed in the summer of 2002 in Bekescsaba, Hungary. In the summer of 2003 they played at some Hungarian festivals and at the end of the summer, they recorded their first full length Jelzesertek, at Song Song Studio, Bekescsaba. The CD was self-released and positive reviews. In 2004 there were some changes of members, but in the summer/autumn of 2005, a five-song EP was recorded. The EP is titled Szivszakadas, and 3 songs were recorded in English.
on Apr 06, 2010
The collaboration between Joshua Adams and Carl Robota can be traced back to the year 2000. The group entered the Tulsa, OK music scene in the spring of 2001 and met with moderate success, attracting a small following. After a short hiatus, the group reemerged with a new sound and fresh material, re-christening itself Merkaba.
on Apr 02, 2010
Take one part rock, one part soul, and one part groove and you've got the Brooklyn based band OTiS. The brainchild of singer, guitarist, and songwriter Craig Schoenbaum has been a project in the making as far back as 2000, but the line up you see before you wasn't solidified until the summer of 2009.
on Apr 01, 2010
On December 6th 2009, an official release was made informing all the fans that what was to become Kind Cobra they were back in the studio. The word travelled fast and the response was of pure excitement. That day King Cobra was born. King Cobra reflects a new style that takes their entire musical influence and puts it into one mind blowing sound. They have invested everything they have into King Cobra.
on Mar 31, 2010
Bermuda Mohawk Productions is pleased to announce that on May 11, 2010, it will release Bow And Quiver, the latest full-length from Providence, RI's imadethismistake. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed It's Okay, Bow And Quiver will be pressed on CD format, although there…
on Mar 30, 2010
Late in September of 2008, Ammo and Miguel came together to begin an experimental death metal band with the potential to move forward as musicians. A focus and a name of the band was to be determined and the members agreed on Humanity Falls. Drawing influences from bands such as Morbid Angel, Ulcerate, Gorguts, Immolation and…
on Mar 26, 2010
With a blend of old-school punk, world beat and modern pop influences, Chicago-based AM Taxi combines experience with exuberance on their Virgin Records debut, We Don’t Stand A Chance. The band was formed almost two years ago - with the encouragement of Sublime producer Miguel Happoldt - by longtime Windy City bandmates…
on Mar 25, 2010


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