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Forgotten Fable: derived from a forgotten story of morals. What those morals are is up to the person who hears them. FF is about duality, two separate meanings from the same thing. The lyrics and names both have two meanings. They are a group showing a culture without morals, describing lives and roads traveled in misery, because the people have forgotten the morals of the land, the honor of mankind.
on Feb 03, 2011
Muerte Por Mil Cortes (Death By a Thousand Cuts) was a form of execution used in China from roughly AD 900 until its abolition in 1905. In this form of execution, the condemned person was killed by using a knife to methodically remove portions of the body over an extended period of time.
on Feb 02, 2011
A Loss For Words are at the top of the list of hardworking bands currently out there. Having released 3 EPs and their full-length album, The Kids Can't Lose since 2005, they are a group with unstoppable dedication, hard work, and creativity. A Loss For Words have been regarded by members of Bayside, Four Year Strong and Bane as the hardest working band out there right now.
on Feb 01, 2011
To say Madison, Alabama's MyChildren MyBride are a driving force in today's hardcore and metal scene would be the understatement of the year. With over thirty thousand copies of their Solid State Records debut Unbreakable sold in the US, countless tours under their belt and a brand new record in its final stages, MyChildren MyBride are ready to continue to pummel the world with their innovative blend of metal and hardcore.
on Jan 29, 2011
If you like Kings of Leon, The Black Crowes, and old Bruce Springsteen, you'll love these lads from blue-collar British Columbia, The Matinee.
on Jan 26, 2011
Kid Liberty has an aggressive combination of many genres with their latest release, Fight With Your Fists. Kid Liberty is determined to land a place in the heart of every person that comes across their music. If that's not enough for you, they've got a live show that will most certainly catch your attention. With the mentality of a hardcore band and the catchy melodies of a pop band, this is a band that will leave you dumbfounded. This is Kid Liberty!
on Jan 24, 2011
Sons of the Lawless were formed in the Los Angeles area, where all four members met out of the ashes of previous bands and joined forces to create something unique and special. Compiling an eclectic mix of various genres and influences ranging from The Raconteurs, The Ramones, Black Flag and Nirvana to The Smiths, Tori Amos, Kings Of Leon, and Dwight Yoakum, the songs address real issues and topics people can relate to.
on Jan 23, 2011
Nothing Left For Tomorrow was formed in London, Ontario, Canada from the ashes of London's own crossover heavies A.C.O.A. Starting in 1997 A.C.O.A. began spreading their own brand of heavy metal and by 2002, with over 100 shows under their belt, A.C.O.A. decided to change their name and replace their lead singer.
on Jan 21, 2011
Birds of Avalon have spent the 4 years of their existence on the road with The Racontuers, The Flaming Lips, Black Mountain, The Fucking Champs, Mudhoney, Monotonix, and Ted Leo and more. They are a band's-band, no doubt. Husband-and-wife guitarists Paul Siler and Cheetie Kumar are also owners of Raleigh's famed Kings Barcade venue.
on Jan 20, 2011
Ever Forthright is a progressive metal/jazz group from New York City. They are currently working on their debut full-length album due out sometime this Spring. Stay tuned for many updates to come and in the meantime, enjoy this wicked, free download of their smashing song "Dispose of Your Optimism."
on Jan 19, 2011
This gang of dudes from Atlanta nail the early 60s R&B/Mod sound like they opened up a frickin' time warp. We're talking major Jagger swagger (bad teeth and all). Like any great band that nods to the past, The Booze def put their own spin on things. They have toured the US (including an opening slot on a recent OK Go tour) and have a west coast tour…
on Jan 17, 2011
If you believe it's becoming ever harder to make music that's individual, fascinating, contemporary, timeless and just tinglingly exctiting, then you've clearly not come across Achilla as yet. So, just who are Achilla, and what makes them one of the best young rock bands around right now?
on Jan 13, 2011
did three Canadians from the land-locked city of Ottawa, record the best beach record ever? Opener, "Let's Go To The Beach," would have kids from 50s surf films dancing in their Woody (the car, you perv). From beginning to end, The White Wires WWII is a sun-soaked, Garage-Pop gem that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.
on Jan 12, 2011
Around the time Denton, TX legends Marked Men were entering into their current state of semi- hibernation, co-singer, songwriter and guitarist Mark Ryan decided he wanted to go in a slightly different direction for his next project, with recordings handled mostly by himself.
on Jan 11, 2011
Tepetricy was born a walking, talking, toddler in July of 2003, conceived in Duluth, Minnesota and now residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This band is built by the definition: "Standing together, united, in a state of aggressive euphoria." Tepetricy is a vast ocean filled with epic ballads of euphoric tension and aggression.
on Jan 08, 2011
Soul Killing Female is an atmospheric, progressive sludge-metal band from WInnipeg, Canada, formed in 2004. Initially a studio project for multi-intsrumentalist Michael Lewis, the band has been playing live since early 2009 throughout central Canada.
on Jan 07, 2011
The growl of chainsaws making firewood of fifty foot pines. That’s WILSON. The howling of a pack of wolves battling a rabid moose. That’s WILSON. The panting, gasping breaths of a smoke break "nooner". That’s fucking WILSON. The citation for a noise violation… that’s just where the party begins. If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, then all party and no bullshit have made WILSON juggernauts. For the past two years WILSON have transformed shows into parties, and concerts into riots throughout the Midwest. Sharing stages with the likes of Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Steel Panther, Valient Thorr, Escape The Fate, Between The Buried and Me, Wilson has not only held their own, but raised the bar for how much fun live music can be.
on Jan 05, 2011
The Seattle, Washington-based singer/songwriter Kris Orlowski mixes a blend of acoustic folk-rock and indie-pop on his new album Happiness Is Waiting. Drawing comparisons of Paul Westerberg and Elliot Smith, the songwriting and craftsmanship of Kris Orlowski is filled with melodic songwriting that encompasses all moods from wistful to happy to love.
on Dec 22, 2010
Bridging the gap between rock’n’roll, hardcore and blues and strongly influenced by what rock’n’roll has been in the 60s and the 70s, Hey Sugar brings back the heart beat of this free minded dream once again. With their old-time liberating classic rock spirit and modern hardcore touch Hey Sugar reaches for a sound more powerful and defined than ever. “We started to write our first songs, as a band, on a road trip across North America two years ago” says Marc, “and we have been working hard on defining ourselves since then”.
on Dec 21, 2010
Fed up with failed projects and dealing with the drama of musical differences, brothers Brian and Kyle Gamblin decided to start their own musical project in 2008 – Titans Eve. The lineup was completed with the recruitment of Jesse Hord (bass) and Casey Ory (drums), and the Vancouver-based band set out to create honest, powerful modern metal.
on Dec 14, 2010


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