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The Mannequin Brides are a three piece rock band from Montreal that are completely devoted to their music. Their sound is raw, mature and unique, pulling influences from blues and rock from up to 60 years ago. Their recently completed debut EP, simply title by the Mannequin Brides, is a small taste of the things to come.
on Feb 19, 2011
Exit Existence is a 5 piece hurricane of epic vocals, catchy riffs, dueling ferocious guitar solos, and full blown metal onslaught from Rochester, New York. The group was formed in 2009 after their previous melodic death metal, and power metal bands had broken up, forging the genres together for the best of both worlds.
on Feb 17, 2011
Since After The Fall's inception, passion has been its guiding force. Not only can we hear it in the music - which seamlessly blends elements of nineties skate punk (i.e. Strung Out), post-hardcore (i.e. Shai Hulud) and even shades of contemporaries such as Strike Anywhere - but we can see it in the band's action.
on Feb 17, 2011
Regardless of how you feel about pop punk, It's difficult not to admire a band that's so forthcoming in its intentions; New Jersey's Man Overboard has been proudly flying the "Defend Pop Punk" banner for the past couple of years, tearing through a slew of EPs and split releases pulsing with upbeat, nearly effortless songs that are as infectious as they are heartfelt. The full-throttle pace, unapologetically sweet melodies and and self-aware lyrics about girls, relationships and (of course) the inevitable breakup may not be your cuppa, but let's all admit that Man Overboard do it better than just about everyone.
on Feb 15, 2011
Restorations occupies a truly rarefied air that exists somewhere between indie rock's off-kilter jangle, the explosive, dynamic nature of punk and hardcore, shoegaze's contemplative restraint and the breeziness of a front porch romp through rustic Americana. Bands like The Constantines and Red Collar explore similar territory, but much like Jena Berlin - Dave Klyman and Jon Loudon's highly acclaimed previous outfit - there's a taut, almost electrified undercurrent that keeps Strange Behavior tense and ominous... and maybe even a little dangerous-sounding.
on Feb 14, 2011
Relatively young in terms of age, but much less so in regards to musical output and increasing success within an vibrant, burgeoning pop-punk scene, Boston's Transit continues to prove its longevity and authenticity by always staying just ahead of the curve.
on Feb 11, 2011
Los Angeles based alternative rock band, The Black String Theory recently announced the release of their debut EP. The self-titled album was produced and recorded by the band's vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Scott van Dort while mixing was handled by Grammy Award winning engineer, Chris Testa (Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot).
on Feb 09, 2011
Forgotten Fable: derived from a forgotten story of morals. What those morals are is up to the person who hears them. FF is about duality, two separate meanings from the same thing. The lyrics and names both have two meanings. They are a group showing a culture without morals, describing lives and roads traveled in misery, because the people have forgotten the morals of the land, the honor of mankind.
on Feb 03, 2011
Muerte Por Mil Cortes (Death By a Thousand Cuts) was a form of execution used in China from roughly AD 900 until its abolition in 1905. In this form of execution, the condemned person was killed by using a knife to methodically remove portions of the body over an extended period of time.
on Feb 02, 2011
A Loss For Words are at the top of the list of hardworking bands currently out there. Having released 3 EPs and their full-length album, The Kids Can't Lose since 2005, they are a group with unstoppable dedication, hard work, and creativity. A Loss For Words have been regarded by members of Bayside, Four Year Strong and Bane as the hardest working band out there right now.
on Feb 01, 2011
To say Madison, Alabama's MyChildren MyBride are a driving force in today's hardcore and metal scene would be the understatement of the year. With over thirty thousand copies of their Solid State Records debut Unbreakable sold in the US, countless tours under their belt and a brand new record in its final stages, MyChildren MyBride are ready to continue to pummel the world with their innovative blend of metal and hardcore.
on Jan 29, 2011
If you like Kings of Leon, The Black Crowes, and old Bruce Springsteen, you'll love these lads from blue-collar British Columbia, The Matinee.
on Jan 26, 2011
Kid Liberty has an aggressive combination of many genres with their latest release, Fight With Your Fists. Kid Liberty is determined to land a place in the heart of every person that comes across their music. If that's not enough for you, they've got a live show that will most certainly catch your attention. With the mentality of a hardcore band and the catchy melodies of a pop band, this is a band that will leave you dumbfounded. This is Kid Liberty!
on Jan 24, 2011
Sons of the Lawless were formed in the Los Angeles area, where all four members met out of the ashes of previous bands and joined forces to create something unique and special. Compiling an eclectic mix of various genres and influences ranging from The Raconteurs, The Ramones, Black Flag and Nirvana to The Smiths, Tori Amos, Kings Of Leon, and Dwight Yoakum, the songs address real issues and topics people can relate to.
on Jan 23, 2011
Nothing Left For Tomorrow was formed in London, Ontario, Canada from the ashes of London's own crossover heavies A.C.O.A. Starting in 1997 A.C.O.A. began spreading their own brand of heavy metal and by 2002, with over 100 shows under their belt, A.C.O.A. decided to change their name and replace their lead singer.
on Jan 21, 2011
Birds of Avalon have spent the 4 years of their existence on the road with The Racontuers, The Flaming Lips, Black Mountain, The Fucking Champs, Mudhoney, Monotonix, and Ted Leo and more. They are a band's-band, no doubt. Husband-and-wife guitarists Paul Siler and Cheetie Kumar are also owners of Raleigh's famed Kings Barcade venue.
on Jan 20, 2011
Ever Forthright is a progressive metal/jazz group from New York City. They are currently working on their debut full-length album due out sometime this Spring. Stay tuned for many updates to come and in the meantime, enjoy this wicked, free download of their smashing song "Dispose of Your Optimism."
on Jan 19, 2011
This gang of dudes from Atlanta nail the early 60s R&B/Mod sound like they opened up a frickin' time warp. We're talking major Jagger swagger (bad teeth and all). Like any great band that nods to the past, The Booze def put their own spin on things. They have toured the US (including an opening slot on a recent OK Go tour) and have a west coast tour…
on Jan 17, 2011
If you believe it's becoming ever harder to make music that's individual, fascinating, contemporary, timeless and just tinglingly exctiting, then you've clearly not come across Achilla as yet. So, just who are Achilla, and what makes them one of the best young rock bands around right now?
on Jan 13, 2011
did three Canadians from the land-locked city of Ottawa, record the best beach record ever? Opener, "Let's Go To The Beach," would have kids from 50s surf films dancing in their Woody (the car, you perv). From beginning to end, The White Wires WWII is a sun-soaked, Garage-Pop gem that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.
on Jan 12, 2011


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