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The Cute Lepers are 100% proof that '77 punk rock/powerpop in the vein of Generation X, Buzzcocks, and The Boys is timeless in both sound and spirit. Since their arrival on the scene in 2007, they've toured the US and Europe extensively, released two critically acclaimed LP's (Can't Stand Modern Music & Smart Accessories) and much more.
on Aug 05, 2011
Hailing from various parts of New Brunswick, Dischord proudly voices the concerns for the next generations. Having a cynical social awareness towards the status-quo, they are bound to express nothing but the truth in order to denounce the true evils of our world.
on Aug 04, 2011
Since its creation, in the early winter months of 2007, Ottawa, Ontario's Today I Caught the Plague has worked endlessly to produce the most honest representations of musical vision they're collectively capable of. The result: energetic art, reflective of a wide range of sonic expression.
on Aug 01, 2011
Nailing down a specific sound is a common complaint for musicians, and not an easily rectified one. This said, you have got to check out Greg Preston and The Great Machine and their crazy debut EP Hate to Love the City.
on Jul 27, 2011
The idea behind Ära Krâ's (or Aera Kra) self-recorded and self-released debut album Ferne Tage was to write a catchy record that follows a musically straight line and tells a story that can be interpreted in many different ways. The group's main goal was to focus one's attention to nothing less than the music itself. This is the main reason why the band refuses to mention their names and origins as well as not having their faces shown in band photos.
on Jul 23, 2011
The history of Nephelium traces itself back to the late 1990s in the small Arabian city of Dubai. There, guitarist Alex Zubair and drummer Alan Madhavan had a vision of a band with equal amounts of brutality and complexity, which stayed true to the roots of old-school Death Metal yet forged ahead with…
on Jul 21, 2011
From the warped streets of Hollywood, California, Portrait Of Gray was formed. Mixing a variety of individual tastes into a collaboration that blends heavy riffs, odd metering, off-kilter time changes, melodic interludes, and forceful growls, the resulting concoction will leave you wanting more!
on Jul 21, 2011
Progressive post-metal band The Matador will showcase their debut release Descent into the Maelstrom in its entirety, when they open for Boston band Doomriders and I Exist at The Zoo on July 22nd, 2011.
on Jul 18, 2011
All Shall Perish are like the Oakland Raiders, the football team from where the band resides; full of bad asses and if you’re a hater expect to get a ton of shit from their diehard fans, if not the rims of your car stolen. With people like Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Rob Flynn (Machine Head) citing the band as favorites, it’s only a matter a time before the franchise known as All Shall Perish starts to fill sports arenas themselves.
on Jul 15, 2011
Set It Free is a 5-piece rock band from Brick, New Jersey who formed in 2010. The band recorded their first self-titled EP at Trax East Studio with Engineer Eric Rachel. This laid the foundation of their popularity with their local fans. The band is noted for their blend of uplifting pop/rock melodies and high energetic live performances. The band’s name, Set It Free, refers to the mindset of living everyday with freedom and a positive outlook in life.
on Jul 14, 2011
The Dangerous Summer is an Indie/rock band from Ellicott City, Maryland. Check out the amazing new song, "Good Things" and get ready for the release!
on Jul 14, 2011
Armed with their unique blend of hard rock and metal, relentless self-promotion, and an unrivaled spirit of hustle, S.Y.F.T (pronounced "sift") fought their way through to the top tier of Seattle’s legendarily crowded music scene.
on Jul 12, 2011
Off the heels of 2009’s Blind Faith Loyalty, critically-acclaimed melodic thrash metallers Crown The Lost return with their third album, Cold Pestilent Hope. The album was recorded during the first half of 2010 at Soundscape Studios in the band’s hometown of Pittsburgh, PA with producer Dave Watson.
on Jul 11, 2011
Blackwater James has been called "straight up, invigorating, American hard rock", a "band of swagger", and "blazing a rock n’ roll revival", and they live up to every word on their sophomore release EP aptly titled VOL 1. with the hit single "Blackheart".
on Jul 07, 2011
Comprised of Alexander (vocals, guitars, keyboard), Joey C (bass, backing vocals) and Prentice (drums, backing vocals). Stretford End combines a catchy rock/pop sound moulded together with crunching guitars, soaring vocal melodies, and relentless percussion.
on Jul 05, 2011
Bad Sports was formed in 2007 in Denton, Texas by Orville Neeley, Daniel Fried and Gregory Rutherford, who came from a variety of different bands in the North Texas area. Their debut self-titled full-length was released in late 2009 on Douchemaster Records following a string of singles, and showed the band's songwriting mature.
on Jul 04, 2011
My Amends is a 5-piece South Florida-based hard rock band with a signature hard-driving, intensely-emotional sound and brutally honest lyrics that have established them as a credible music force. Since their inception in late 2008, My Amends have laid the groundwork to becoming one of the most intriguing bands in their genre and are proving they have only just begun to scratch the surface.
on Jun 30, 2011
Founded on raw energy, sweat, and a bit of blood, the sound of The Baketones project has been lingering in receptive ears since the post-medieval industrial caveman era. Playing their little Baketone hearts out, seeking their own spot in this crazy world, the band continues on with more garage-banging tunes that can spark up many a fire.
on Jun 27, 2011
Canadian instrumental progressive metal trio TRUCK have released two versions of their new album. One is a free digital download that contains the original instrumental album. The other is a CD entitled Passengers that features a host of vocalists from the Alberta metal scene and is available for paid download.
on Jun 18, 2011
Since their incarnation, just under two years ago on a rundown industrial estate on the outskirts of Cardiff, South Wales, Attack! Attack! UK have made quite the impact on an unsuspecting UK rock scene. Since releasing their self-titled debut album last November, the hard working quartet have clocked up many tours and shows.
on Jun 16, 2011


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