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President, Editor (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- Hey all, I’ve been the President of PureGrainAudio since it started all the way back in the early spring of 2005. What started as a hobby to help expose myself to some new music has turned into pretty much a second job. I love rock music, particularly alternative and hard rock, but mostly I just love good music. It could be blues rock, acoustic, classic, it just has to be good!
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Ok, I'm not even sure how to describe this particular clip. The Mighty Boosh was a British comedy television show that ran for three seasons in the mid-2000s on BBC Three. Created by Julian Barrett and Noel Fielding, the show features some pretty far out comedy, including a lot of fantasy skits and pop-culture references. Many of the sketches are pretty elaborate musical "performances" if you can call them that, including Charlie Bubble Gum from the sixth episode of the first season. I don't even really know how to describe this one so you're just going to have to trust me on it and watch it as it's completely, freakin' hilarious! Afterwards you'll be singing "Charlie gum-a-bubble-gum" all day in your head and it'll have been so worth it!
on Apr 21, 2012
Straight from Stockholm, Sweden is the pop/rock, indie rock band Slim Loris. The group came together as recently as 2009 out of, at that time, two recently broken up indie bands. The members of Slim Loris wasted no time getting down to business on writing and recording and quickly produced their debut record Amateur Night at the Asylum, followed by some intense touring.
on Apr 20, 2012
These United States have been a busy band for several years now. The group just played its 800th show last year and are about to release album number five. The new LP was written and recorded throughout 2011 with twenty outside collaborators that took the group from coast to coast in the U.S. Inspired by his travels and the people he encountered, bandleader Jesse Elliot returned to Kentucky and New York to collaborate with his other bandmates to make sense and sound of his inspirations which has resulted in the new record to be released on June 12th.
on Apr 17, 2012
In Cages are an alternative rock/indie quartet from Hillsdale, New Jersey. The band counts the Pixies and Sonic Youth as its major influences and each member has had a long history of playing music in various local groups. Like most great bands, these guys don't pay much attention to modern musical trends, instead focusing on their own brand of modern indie rock.
on Apr 16, 2012

8.3 / 10

Can it be true? Really? Soundgarden have released their first new song in over fifteen years?!?! Well, you're not dreaming, it is true. The legendary Seattle group that so brilliantly mixed metal and hard rock into grunge have just released a new song to tide people over until the release of the band's first new album since 1996, due out this fall. "Live to Rise" comes to us off the superhero blockbuster 'The Avengers' which hits theatres on May 4th.
on Apr 15, 2012

8.1 / 10

When talking about progressive rock, it doesn't get any better than The Mars Volta. The band's been around for over ten years now, but no one really started to give them 'real' mainstream attention until about a couple of years ago. Their sixth studio record Noctourniquet was released at the end of March and is the first to feature the group's new drummer Deantoni Parks. Never ones to be afraid to challenge themselves or their listeners, it's a concept record, inspired by the children's nursery rhyme Solomon Grundy and the Greek myth of Hyacinthus. How's that for experimental?
on Apr 14, 2012
Escarnium is a full-on assault of South American death metal! The band hails from Salvador, Brazil and is this year celebrating its fifth anniversary. The group really got underway in 2008 with a sound heavily influenced by old school death metal acts. They released their debut demo, Covered in Decadence, in 2009 which was well-received and resulted in the group making extensive contacts in the death metal industry.
on Apr 13, 2012
Christopher Lee Compton is no newbie when it comes to the gothic rock movement. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Compton has been writing and performing for over twenty years now, carefully working and crafting the sound of his band Frostbite. Recently Compton has returned with a new Frostbite record called Valentine and Other Stories of Hope.
on Apr 13, 2012
Riding high off the release of their debut EP, Play for Manuel, comes the infectious new single "Slip" from alternative rock band Fleming. Formed in New York City, the members of Fleming all come from very multinational backgrounds. They became a hit in clubs along the lower east side, playing their original brand of pop/punk which audiences have slowly, but surely become very attracted to.
on Apr 11, 2012
New York rockers Fleming make plaintive and muscular indie rock music. Their lyrics are about things like paramour manservants and depraved popes and south-of-the-border exercises you don't quite understand. And while their expression is cryptic, they attack their revolving vocal parts with wistful sincerity. Starting with driving, Therapy?-style riffs, Fleming strip away the distorted metal excess and amp up the urgency for an insistent, spare and ominous sound based in rock but closer to post-punk. Like Mission of Burma. If they sang about manservants. But just as impassioned, just as unrelenting, and through some emotional sleight of hand, capable of making lines like "That's what you get when you ring my bell," sound like the kind of reprimand you'd want to get if only you could.
on Apr 11, 2012
Chasing Claymores is a three piece alternative pop-rock outfit from San Diego, California whose members, growing tired of being in failed band after failed band, came together in order to do things the way they want them done. Their music blends together several different influences including rock, punk, pop and emo to create the specific sound that each member couldn't in their former respective bands.
on Apr 11, 2012
Do you like drinking? Do you like rock n' roll? Do you like both drinking and rock n' roll? Well then if you do, you'll probably love Ontario's own The Lucky Ones.
on Apr 09, 2012
Cai.ro is a band that is truly dedicated to their craft. The group originates from Toronto, Ontario and interestingly enough, lead singer Dante Berardi found every other member of the band off of Craigslist. What is truly respectable about the group is that they write and play music just for the love of music, not necessarily for the pursuit of a million dollar recording contract from a major record label. It's hard to describe what genre Cai.ro fits into as their music blends many different styles and even includes a violinist. Their debut EP is called The Young Love EP, six tracks that are a mixture of years of sounds and ideas. Cai.ro frequently plays shows in the Toronto area and have a very big gig coming up as part of Canadian Music Week March 23rd at Rancho Relaxo. We recently spoke to the band's lead singer Nate Daniels and guitarist Dante Berardi to get a little more insight into what Cai.ro is all about.
on Apr 04, 2012
There's something about brothers in rock bands that just seems to work more often than not. Exalt is a hardcore/metalcore band from Kitchener, Ontario that is maybe a little different from your average "loud" group. Their songs focus a lot on the more positive aspects of life as opposed to the common cynical, pessimistic attitude common of hard rock music. The band's album is called Breach False Minds, a record that they have been hard at work on for nearly two full years now. The band is excited for its release as well as some accompanying tour dates that will go along with it. We spoke to Exalt's lead singer Tyler Brand recently about the origins of his band, what artists he was really taken with as a youngster and some more information about Breach False Minds.
on Mar 25, 2012
Australian guitarist extraordinaire Paul Wardingham has certainly developed quite a number of backers over the last year for his outstanding talents at guitar playing. His talents are never more on display than on his debut instrumental solo record Assimilate Regenerate released last February 2011. This isn't just any usual instrumental record though, with a sound described as "instrumental cyber metal." The album is a guitar lover's dream, combining all sorts of different guitar sounds in creating a really original sound like nothing else you'll hear in music today. Paul is currently finishing up his second instrumental album that should be out in mid-2012. We spoke to Paul about his guitar playing, Assimilate Regenerate and who some of his favorite guitarists are.
on Feb 29, 2012
Jimi Hendrix reincarnated and guest starring on a British sketch comedy show? Well, not quite… Snuff Box was a six episode dark comedy program that aired on the British network BBC3 in 2006. Since its original airing, the show has garnered a huge cult following which resulted in all six episodes being released on DVD last year. The show starred the comedy pairing of Brit Matt Berry and American Rich Fulcher and featured some of the funniest and most outrageous comedy you'll ever see on regular television. In this clip, Rich has a bit of a run in with "Jimi Hendrix," but we'll excuse him since he apparently is unfamiliar with who the legendary Hendrix is. This is a great clip and shows off the brilliance that is Snuff Box.
on Feb 22, 2012
Here's another clip from the great British comedy show Snuff Box. Rich and Matt seem to have very good luck with running into famous rock stars as here they have a not so pleasant encounter with the great "Elton John." Apparently Elton so rudely intrudes in on Rich and Matt's recording studio time which creates something of a conflict between the two parties. Let's just say Elton should have thought better than to refuse to leave the studio when asked. Who even knew that Elton John had heart problems in the first place? Again, if you haven't yet checked this show out, what are you waiting for?
on Feb 22, 2012
Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have the power and skills needed to whip Spiderman's ass? No, I didn't think so, but one man who did was Wesley Willis. Here's a little more classic Wesley bragging about how he had to take down the famous superhero for, of all things, bothering his girlfriend. What the hell is your problem Spiderman? Go save the world and stop trying to score in on Wesley's action.
on Feb 16, 2012
Who ever said that rabbis can't rock out just as well as your favorite band? This video certainly proves all the naysayers wrong as these rabbis sure know how to take over the stage. Hanukkah can be a bit of a depressing time for Jews with Christmas being shoved in their face every five seconds. Sure, there's eight nights of presents, but let's be honest, it's just not the same as running down to the tree on Christmas Day and feasting on turkey later that night. If you're ever feeling a little down about being a Jew at Christmas time then turn this video on, crank up the speakers and rock out to some Rock 'n' Roll Hanukkah.
on Feb 15, 2012
Beaten To Death is how you might feel after listening to this new intense metal/grindcore band. This up and coming band from Oslo, Norway is really just getting started and just released their first record Xes And Strokes this past September.
on Feb 13, 2012


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