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Aaron Willschick

President, Editor (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- Hey all, I’ve been the President of PureGrainAudio since it started all the way back in the early spring of 2005. What started as a hobby to help expose myself to some new music has turned into pretty much a second job. I love rock music, particularly alternative and hard rock, but mostly I just love good music. It could be blues rock, acoustic, classic, it just has to be good!
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One of the most consistent and successful hard rock bands of the last ten years is none other than Sevendust.
on May 02, 2009
Who is the biggest metal band in the world right now? If you said Metallica then you better go back to the 1980s. Over the last five years, Slipknot has become one of the biggest and most popular rock bands in the entire world. The guys rose to international prominence upon the release of 2004’s Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) and have managed to keep it up with their fourth studio album All Hope Is Gone released last summer. Currently the band is getting set for some Canadian tour dates before some dates in the U.S. and then a run through Europe. Recently, we were fortunate enough to catch up with Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, otherwise known as #2, to talk about what the band’s up to and the latest album. Paul is without a doubt one of the coolest and nicest musicians I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with; here's how it went.
on Apr 27, 2009
A very cool new band with a very cool name is Throwing Color. Throwing Color is a five-piece band from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey who have barely been together a year. The group has a kind of pop/punk/rock sound reminiscent of bands like Jimmy Eat World with catchy hooks and choruses. Although the band only formed in spring 2008, they…
on Apr 08, 2009
Yet another promising and up and coming band is starting to make a name for itself. Sugar Red Drive is four guys from the small town of Poughkeepsie, New York who have barely been together a year and a half and have already been fortunate enough to play with bands such as Seether, Theory of a Deadman and Live. The band takes their inspiration from…
on Mar 25, 2009
There seems to be a trend that’s always been evident in popular music to focus on the main attraction and secondarily consider the people behind the headliner even though those lurking behind the scenes are often just as important. An example of the latter is record executive and owner of Magna Carta Records Peter Morticelli. Peter is something of a legend…
on Mar 17, 2009
Although maybe not a typical hotbed for powerful heavy metal music, one of the heaviest bands around these days is Rusted Dawn from New Brunswick. Although still very young, the band has been together for five years now and have already released two EPs, with a debut record on the way very soon. The album will be called The Black Tides of War and…
on Mar 10, 2009
While they may not be as mainstream as Coldplay, The Matadors are the most popular band of their genre. Since forming fourteen years ago in London, Ontario, The Matadors have invented and popularized HORRORBILLY, a fusion of punk rock and rockabilly styles of music. The band remains the most popular of its genre even…
on Feb 10, 2009
When it comes to music, specifically rock and roll, some bands have been through it all. They’ve lived and seen the highs and lows that the music industry has to offer, been out on what seems like a thousand different tours, played the same song five thousand different times, witnessed the death of friends... In thinking about the life of the touring rock band...
on Jan 29, 2009
One of the most consistently successful rock and roll bands of the last decade has been Memphis, Tennessee’s Saliva. These guys have managed to consistently put out hit singles from their first big hit “Click Click Boom” to “Ladies and Gentlemen” and their latest hit “Family Reunion” from the group’s new record…
on Jan 23, 2009
One of the most successful rock bands over the last five years has been Oklahoma City’s Hinder. These guys became almost an instant success thanks in large to their debut record Extreme Behaviour and lead single “Get Stoned” in 2005. They’re back again in 2009 with their brand new record Take It To The Limit, just released at the end of 2008. So far this new album has done extremely well largely thanks to the hit single “Use Me.” Now that it’s the New Year, the band is gearing up to head out on possibly their biggest tour yet with none other than Motley Crue. The tour kicks off on February 2nd in San Diego, California and runs right through March, including a date March 11th in Hamilton, Ontario. Recently we got the chance to speak to Hinder’s bass player Mike Rodden about what’s going on with the group.
on Jan 14, 2009
Although some may beg to differ, the city of Toronto, Ontario has developed a very healthy indie rock scene over the last decade or so. Tons of bands have come and gone while others have gone on to bigger and better things. One band that seems like it’s destined to go on to a lengthy and popular career is Frankie Whyte and the Dead Idols.
on Jan 11, 2009
Without a doubt, one of the most engaging, interesting and funny musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to is Richard Patrick of Filter. Richard brought back Filter earlier this year after a five year hiatus while he worked on other musical endeavors and also battled some personal demons. So far, Anthems For The Damned has been very well received and the band has enjoyed some very solid…
on Dec 15, 2008
One of the coolest indie rock bands currently in the U.S. is The Reckless Sons from New York City. This four piece has been around now for about four years and are being credited with providing a throwback to the good old days of stripped down and true American rock and roll. The band has become huge in parts of its native city, especially on the lower east side which has really helped create a buzz surrounding this…
on Dec 10, 2008
There seems to be a certain chemistry that goes along with brothers and bands. Street Drum Corps is the creation of Bobby and Adam Alt, two brothers who along with Frank Zummo have come up with a very interesting take on punk rock flavored music. If the name of the band didn’t already give it away, Street Drum Corps is a percussion based rock group which uses an assortment of odd and obscure instrumentation…
on Dec 01, 2008
In the world of rock music, there are guitar players and then there are guitar gods, individuals who are the best of the best at what they do. One individual that is certainly amongst the best guitar players of the last fifteen years is none other than Tom Morello. Morello has done it all; from playing in one of the coolest bands ever in Rage Against the Machine to playing with another…
on Nov 25, 2008
Historically, the offspring of prominent rock and roll stars usually don’t amount to much of anything in terms of commercial musical success. Some have been complete failures (e.g. Julian and Sean Lennon), while others have had at least temporary success (e.g. Jacob Dylan), while very few have actually maintained a long lasting career. One brand new rock artist that might very well break these trends is…
on Nov 10, 2008
Filter and Richard Patrick are back and better than ever. Recently, on June 26, 2008 to be precise, the band headlined an awesome show with Ten Years and Opiate for the Masses in downtown Toronto, Canada at The Guvernment.
on Oct 29, 2008
One of the most influential Punk/Hardcore artists of the last thirty years is the brilliant and legendary voice known as Human Rights or HR for short. As part of the Hardcore Punk group Bad Brains, HR has been writing and recording music since the late 1970s and has also become adored by generations of music fans. Even though Bad Brains is still together as a band, HR is keeping busy with his own solo career which…
on Oct 28, 2008
The Drama Club. Annoying high school extra-curricular activity for kids who are full of themselves or a rock and roll band? If you said both then you’re correct but we’re more concerned here with the rock group. The Drama Club is a brand new six-piece, post-grunge band originating out of the confines of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
on Oct 28, 2008
Ever heard of the genre of music Tropical Punk? No, probably not, but it’s a term you might be starting to get very familiar with thanks to a young and up and coming band from Nashville, Tennessee called Cactus’s. This band is so new that they’ve barely been together a year and already they’ve been touring like crazy and have had time to write, record and release a debut EP called, Tropical Terror.
on Oct 21, 2008


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