Alex Salfer-Hobbs

Alex Salfer-Hobbs

Writer (Providence, RI, USA)
- Alex is an artist and content creator. Alex loves music more than anything on this planet and primarily listens to emo and hardcore to cope with the overwhelming pain of being stranded on this desolate wasteland known as "Earth." Seeking other emo aliens to form an extraterrestrial super-band.
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Curious about what happens when bands who were notoriously wild in their youth finally grow up? After The Party, The Menzingers’ most recent LP, answers that very question.
on Mar 05, 2017

9.5 / 10

Love Like Honey, a sad punk trio hailing from Norwich, England, has stolen the attention of both my ears AND heart this week with their first EP, Haunt Me / Love Me. Read why here...
on Mar 04, 2017
Deaf Havana are back with All These Countless Nights, a monumental nod to their overall growth as a band. Read more about their latest release here...
on Feb 02, 2017
Set and Setting’s Reflectionless is a meandering journey through time and space, evoking imagery of rugged landscapes and expansive deserts, often leaving listeners stranded in a wilderness of forgotten daydreams.
on Jan 27, 2017

7.5 / 10

Reminiscent of bands like Pierce the Veil or Sleeping With Sirens, Youth In Revolt's The Broken’s sound sits precariously between pop-punk and hardcore, with high-pitched, melodic vocals coupled with harsh screaming and epic breakdowns.
on Jan 20, 2017

8 / 10

THIS IS NOT A DRILL--Sonny Moore rejoins From First To Last in their new single, "Make War." Listen to the new jam from FFTL and read more here...
on Jan 18, 2017
WSTR's first full-length release, Red, Green, or Inbetween, is everything you’d expect from a pop-punk quartet, with lyrics largely fueled by a breakup.
on Jan 18, 2017

4.5 / 10

The Japanese pop-rock sensation ONE OK ROCK is back with their latest album, Ambitions. This album boasts guest vocals from Alex Garskath (of All Time Low) and Australian rock band (read: boy band) 5 Seconds of Summer. Read more here...
on Jan 12, 2017
If you've got a dog and like punk/hardcore music, what are you waiting for? Your dog is dying to express their inner rock-star, with some stylish gear from Caninus Collars!
on Jan 06, 2017
Were you looking for some acoustic renditions of classic BFS tunes performed in front of a live audience/in a church? Then yes, this album is for you. Read more about Bowling for Soup's new live acoustic album here...
on Dec 22, 2016
Hollow Earth delivers your fix of sci-fi brutality on their newest release, Dead Planet. Read more here....
on Dec 19, 2016
If you’re curious about what Craig Owens has been up to as-of-late, oh BOY have I got the answer for you: after announcing the re-breakup of Chiodos (a shock to literally NO ONE), Owens is back with his newest project, badXchannels.
on Nov 21, 2016
Looking for some good ‘ol fashioned rock ‘n roll, with a hint of blues and a light side of political angst? Look no further than The Boy Who Died Wolf. Read more about the latest release from Highly Suspect here...
on Nov 17, 2016

7.5 / 10

As a testament to their seemingly immortal nature, the pop-rock legends of Jimmy Eat World have returned with Integrity Blues, their ninth full length album to-date and - more importantly - your much-needed dose of nostalgia, just in time for fall!
on Nov 05, 2016
Balance and Composure are back with their latest release, Light We Made, which they are touting as a "sonic progression" for their sound. Read more about their sound change here...
on Oct 27, 2016
From Indian Lakes’ newest release, Everything Feels Better Now, is a trance-inducing, solid indie-rock release from songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi. Read our review here.
on Oct 17, 2016
Every Time I Die’s latest release, Low Teens brings the same southern hardcore we’ve come to expect and love from ETID, but with a touch darker lyrics and more polished sound than previous releases.
on Oct 17, 2016
I knew the Pearson-Mess combo was/is (in my opinion) the pinnacle of chaotic - yet melodic - perfection, but I had no idea how they would one-up an almost perfect album from 2015. Well, folks, I’m here to tell you they killed it, from start to finish.
on Oct 17, 2016


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