Andrew King

I have a lot of pet peeves - more than someone as unattractive as I reasonably should to still expect to be well-liked, but that's beside the point (sort of). A few of those pet peeves involve answers to that all-to-frequent question that anyone bothering to check out this webzine probably gets more than once a week: "What kind of music do you like?"
on Aug 05, 2010
Mediocrity might be acceptable in a cheap early-morning cup of coffee, or maybe a hotel room, but not when it comes to art. Anberlin is a fairly mediocre band - albeit with a very talented lead singer. Still, that only goes so far. Ivoryline, on their 2008 full-length There Came A Lion sound like a mediocre version of Anberlin - a mediocre band.
on Oct 26, 2009
This review is dedicated to Buck Fitzpatrick, an old friend that used to relentlessly pimp Baptized in Blood to whoever would listen. This was when the band had like, 17 guitar players or something, and were a bit of a mess live. Still, he used to play "Kickin' Ass And Takin' The Blame" nearly every time we partied for a few months at a time…
on Oct 21, 2009

6.5 / 10

Of all the bands named After The Fall that I came across trying to find these guys' contact information, they're certainly the best. That's not saying much, but it shouldn't take a way from the band, either. Fort Orange blazes through its 13 tracks in under 30 minutes, offering up a nice mix of fast, technical, and anthemic. It's like Daggermouth but more intense; Bad Religion with some Comeback Kid; basically, just a cool…
on Oct 08, 2009
This is a pop record, pure and simple. You can toss in terms like "new-wave," "synth," "dreamy," and so on, and they might help narrow down what kind of pop it is, but really, it's the pinnacle of pop. Fans of pop music will dig it, or at least some of it, and others probably won't. It's quite simple. So is the music.
on Oct 08, 2009
Set Your Goals' debut full length Mutiny! made it pretty easy for me to get into them. The record was punk enough, fast enough, catchy enough, and lighthearted enough that the few flaws that existed (namely, weak lyrical content and some misplaced vocal delivery here and there) were easily forgiven. So many songs on the…
on Oct 07, 2009

7.2 / 10

Bleed The Constants (10.13.2009)
on Sep 15, 2009

6.5 / 10

Happiness (06.09.2009)
on Jul 03, 2009

7.1 / 10

Experimental deathcore act Arsonists Get All The Girls have whipped up quite the aural beatdown in their latest release, Portals. These eleven tracks find the band borrowing from all shapes and forms of heavy music for a pulsating record that doesn't let up too often - and that's a good thing. While I'd never consider deathcore to be my kind of thing, there are some undeniably awesome tracks found throughout this release with just the right amount of balls-out heaviness combined with well-placed programming and smooth synth leads for contrast.
on Jul 03, 2009

7.5 / 10

Monolith (05.26.2009)
on Jul 01, 2009
Self-Titled (10.07.2008)
on Jul 01, 2009

5.9 / 10

At Home We Are Tourists (05.19.2009)
on Jun 29, 2009

8.5 / 10

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then how many is a song worth? The answer would need to be relative of the song at hand, of course, but for a band like Isis that's so consistently able to create sonic landscapes with the tools of their crafts, one could argue that one of the band's tracks holds a higher verbal value than…
on Jun 29, 2009
Boston emotional hardcore act (sorry one-sheet, that's the only way they're being described around here) Transit have have offered up a pretty decent release within a genre that, incidentally, they don't like to use to classify themselves. I'm skeptical to agree that there's "surprisingly complex, innovative songs" found here, though they…
on Jun 29, 2009
How exactly is one supposed to approach critically assessing a best-of collection? Since none are really designed to be a collection of songs arranged in a predetermined sequence that offer a glimpse into a band at one particular point in time, the options are numerous and spread out. Do you evaluate each song individually…
on Jun 29, 2009

7.8 / 10

It's All Happening (06.02.2009)
on Jun 03, 2009

7.5 / 10

3 Rounds And A Sound (07.15.2009)
on Jun 01, 2009
Youthanize (04.07.2009)
on May 29, 2009
The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole (09.16.2008)
on May 26, 2009

8.6 / 10

The Brilliant Disguise [EP] (12.16.2008)
on May 23, 2009


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