Benny Henderson Jr.

Benny Henderson Jr.

Writer (Overton, TX, USA)
- My name is Benny, but they call me Big Dog. I like beer, and I love music. Or is it, I love beer and I like music? OK, I love them both, and I enjoy writing about my passion. Beer and music.
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The Big Dog, Benny Henderson Jr. brings in his very special co-host Chris Thomas and chats with former Tantric (current Saving Abel) bassist, Scott Wilson.
on Jul 25, 2017
On the third episode of the Hardcore Henderson Podcast, we chat with Waco, TX-based metal band, From the Messenger, play some tunes, and share more WTF News!
on Jul 18, 2017
On the second episode of the Hardcore Henderson Podcast, we chat with East Texas rockers Blacktop Mojo, play some tunes, and share more WTF News headlines.
on Jul 13, 2017

8.5 / 10

Move over Rage Against the Machine, go home Prophets of Rage, BackWordz is King now! Read our review of Veracity here...
on Mar 28, 2017

8.5 / 10

This is a solid album, and these guys are proof that rock is not dead.
on Feb 28, 2017
In this exclusive interview, Neal Morse discusses his new album, The Similitude of a Dream, spirituality, rock music and more.
on Jan 25, 2017
This Double CD and DVD combo gets the Accept fan up close and personal with the band.
on Jan 21, 2017
On episode 2 of Big Dog’ Bits and Bites, Benny discusses the funniest feuds in music, gets a call from his always comical cousin Cletus, and interviews Doug Smith of metal band QUOR and author/former Heavyweight Contender, David Rodriguez.
on Jan 16, 2017
Neil Young records aren't there just to be listened to. The man writes music from the heart and soul. Read our review of his latest work here...
on Dec 21, 2016
It's time for some new music! That's right, Wormlight, Sweden's melodic black metal band have released their new EP Bloodfields via Black Lion Records and we're streaming the whole thing!
on Dec 03, 2016
It ain’t always buckles, boots and spurs in Texas, they have some long-haired, screamin' demons slashing the masses with their ear-splitting tunes. This time around, we pay homage to underground five rock/metal bands from West Texas.
on Dec 03, 2016
Welcome to the inaugural episode of PureGrainAudio's new podcast, Big Dog's Bits & Bites, featuring your host, Benny Henderson Jr. So much is covered and so much is planned.... let's just get into it!
on Nov 29, 2016

8 / 10

Play It Loud is a captivating book covering the history of the electric guitar with a foreword by guitar legend, Carlos Santana. If you are a guitar aficionado and like to learn about history, this book is a must-buy. It will keep you entranced, page after page.
on Nov 07, 2016

8 / 10

Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos is a fatal dose of horrifying yet, amusing black metal, horror-filled comic bookery.
on Oct 28, 2016
Commemorating thirty years of the band’s first album release, Mechanical Resonance, Tesla are treating fans to a full live rendition. Read our review here...
on Oct 14, 2016
Aussie hellraisers Airbourne return with their fourth studio album so, grab a beer, crank this up and enjoy this blast of unapologetic rock n' roll...
on Sep 27, 2016

6.5 / 10

But now, after listening to the new EP, I am not that awed. I honestly expected more bang from the gang and, for me, there was not that much pop to this new helping of music.
on Sep 21, 2016
In this interview with Swedish Viking Metal band, Grimner, vocalists Marcus Brattberg and Ted Sjulmark speak about the band’s new album, tour, theatrical shows and more.
on Sep 20, 2016

9 / 10

The Beauty of Horror is ghoulish yet gorgeous, sinister but with a sensual sensation, creepy and cool, sadistic yet stunning; it is certainly morbid but it is no doubt a masterpiece of beautiful brutality.
on Sep 19, 2016
Down in a Hole features eleven soothing tracks that take the classic definition of Americana and smack it around with a helping of blues rock.
on Aug 22, 2016


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