Bruce Moore

Bruce Moore

Creative Director (Mechanicsville, VA, USA)
- Host of Brutally Delicious. Freelance Music Writer. Author. Video Editor. Audio Engineer.
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Metal Missionaries brings you into conversations with some of Christian music’s most extreme artists, so you can get a firsthand feel for the scene and answer some questions or doubts for yourself.
on May 24, 2017
On this episode of Brutally Delicious, the world's heaviest cooking show, UK-based heavy rockers The Riven show us how to make some killer homemade and extremely spicy nachos.
on May 18, 2017
Interview with Canadian alternative rock act 54-40 about their humble beginnings, new music, and ever-evolving creative process.
on May 15, 2017
During 70000 Tons of Metal 2017, the guys in Finnish death metal act Mors Principium Est played a round of Metal Or Not? and shared their thoughts on skinny jeans, hippies, and cocktails.
on May 11, 2017
Tune into this short episode of Brutally Delicious and learn from Matt Carlson how to... um... cook the perfect pizza bite?
on May 10, 2017
Saint Asonia's Mike Mushok and Adam Gontier share two very personal stories about how their lyrics have connected with their fans in very intimate ways.
on May 09, 2017
On this new episode of Rocktails, guitarist Emmett Young of the Australian stoner rock band Desert Kingdom teaches us how to make a very unique drink; the Fuck You!
on May 05, 2017
While at a recent tour stop in Canada we were able to score some interview time with the Scottish alternative rock band Biffy Clyro.
on May 03, 2017
On our newest episode of Brutally Delicious, we are joined remotely by Naoko Yamano of the Japanese punk trio Shonen Knife and learn to make homemade Ramen!
on May 01, 2017
An interview with half of the ladies from the energetic rock band The Franklys while attending a recent UK tour stop. During the conversation, we chatted about the tour and their debut album, Are You Listening?.
on Apr 24, 2017

7 / 10

This is a story of two school friends from the outskirts of the big city determined to carve their own path in the music world. In the end, they succeed but not without great consequence.
on Apr 17, 2017

7 / 10

The book aims to give a more holistic approach to how Hetfield’s past, especially his relationship with his mother and his upbringing as a Christian Scientist, left lasting scars and marks on his psyche.
on Apr 15, 2017
Our crew recently had a chance to catch up with the guys in the Canadian Post Hardcore act, Silverstein and chatted with them about their most memorable, yet terrifying tale from the road.
on Apr 07, 2017
We were able to score a few moments with vocalist David Stephens of the Metalcore act We Came As Romans to put him through a round of Metal Or Not? and the results are quite funny.
on Apr 06, 2017

7.5 / 10

The songs on Cold Blooded are catchy, with big choruses and fantastic guitar work that are sure to get your blood pumping and your adrenaline flowing.
on Apr 05, 2017
While onboard the 7th annual 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise we caught up with the guys in Century Media's Finnish pagan metal band Moonsorrow and asked them to tell us about their most frightening tour story ever.
on Mar 31, 2017
While sailing the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, we were able to score a moment to chat with vocalist Jason Peppiatt and bassist Cameron Grant of Prosthetic Records' extreme Australian Metal act Psycroptic.
on Mar 27, 2017
We sat down with Erlend Hjelvik, vocalist of the Norwegian heavy rock/metal act Kvelertak, and put him through a rather funny episode of METAL or NOT?
on Mar 23, 2017
While in attendance at Heavy MTL we were able to score a few minutes with the guys in Red Bull Recordings Hardcore Punk act Beartooth
on Mar 22, 2017
Judging by the material on Hyborian: Volume I, big things can be expected from a band who blend Mastodon progressiveness with Crowbar's heaviness...
on Mar 21, 2017


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