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Bruce Moore

Creative Director (Mechanicsville, VA, USA)
- Host of Brutally Delicious. Freelance Music Writer. Author. Video Editor. Audio Engineer.
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Las Vegas metal band INVIDIA talks about a night of partying and some trouble finding the way home.
on Oct 22, 2017
Israeli extreme metal act Arallu have a headbangingly good time teaching us how to make a tasty traditional Israeli cocktail called "The Limonana".
on Oct 20, 2017
New York is home to a new alternative rock group dubbed The Freaks! Check out the free track "Wastecats" today!
on Oct 18, 2017
We we really fortunate to recently catch up with the guys in the Billy Sheehan-led supergroup The Fell during at a tour stop in Canada.
on Oct 18, 2017
The guys in the alternative band 7 Minutes in Heaven ran through a funny round of Metal Or Not? that is guaranteed to make you chuckle.
on Oct 12, 2017
We sat down with Hollywood, CA's all-female punk/rock band, the Glam Skanks, for a fun round of Rockblot!
on Oct 11, 2017
While at a recent Virginia tour stop we spoke with Baltimore, MD's War On Women and how their Bridge Nine Records-released music offers their fans a bit of freedom to be themselves.
on Oct 10, 2017

8.5 / 10

Razor-sharp riffs slice furiously through the mix providing the perfect recipe for stirring the swirling, sweaty masses in a pit.
on Oct 05, 2017
Manson has returned with an album that is going to put him back on the proverbial map.
on Sep 26, 2017
Ryan O'Keeffe, drummer for Aussie rockers Airbourne, chatted about the band's writing process and touring, with some crazy stories thrown in for good measure!
on Sep 26, 2017
For the inaugural episode of our newest series, WTF?!, rockers Marianas Trench share this short tale about a night of heavy drinking and liver abuse.
on Sep 20, 2017
On this episode of Rock Heart, vocalist AJ Channer of Austin, Texas-based band Fire From The Gods (Rise Records) talks to us about the strong emotional connection he has with his audience.
on Sep 19, 2017
A chat with Frank Carter of Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes on the new release Modern Ruin, politics, technology and the band Highly Suspect!
on Sep 14, 2017
The guys in the rising UK metal act Raging Speedhorn took a moment out of their busy gigging schedule for a quick round of Metal or Not?!
on Sep 13, 2017
We are gearing up for the next season of Brutally Delicious, the world's loudest cooking show, and one lucky fan film has a chance to win a shot at their own episode!
on Sep 11, 2017

7 / 10

America 51 is rude, crude and definitely not politically correct, (which I actually applaud) but no matter where you stand on the issues, most will find this a pretty good read.
on Sep 09, 2017
While at this year's Vans Warped Tour the Napalm Records-signed group Valient Thorr told us this whacked-out tale of a mysterious cargo that is enough to make your jaw drop.
on Sep 09, 2017
These guys are more than just your average cover band, they are solid musicians.
on Sep 09, 2017
On this brand new episode of Rocktails, members of the symphonic metal band Seven Spires teach us how to make a French cocktail called The Kir Royal.
on Aug 30, 2017
On this year's Vans Warped Tour, we caught up with Barb Wire Dolls and they told us this little ditty about a really sticky situation. This one is enough to make you gag.
on Aug 24, 2017


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