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Out on Rottweiler Records, Taking the Head of Goliath’s self-titled debut makes you want to ball your fists up and punch walls, kick the cat, and, if listening in your car, bang you head on the steering wheel.
on Jul 13, 2018
Out on Rottweiler Records this Friday the 13th(!), R.A.I.D’s debut record, The Strong Survive, is a fantastic mix of metallic hardcore that blends high-energy tempos, hammering drums and massive, catchy riffs.
on Jul 10, 2018

7 / 10

Francesca Lia Block’s The Thorn Necklace is a good read with useful information for using your past experiences and the power of the pen to exorcise your demons and, hopefully, affect the lives of your readers as well.
on Jul 05, 2018
Co-directed by Sally Rubin and Ashley York, Hillbilly is a documentary film that examines the enduring stereotypes that have become emblematic of the Appalachian region of the United States and its inhabitants.
on Jun 20, 2018
Mark July 20th in blood on your calendar, pray to the metal gods to keep that day free, and get ready to experience the newest, Victory Records-released effort from groovy, death-metal titans Jungle Rot.
on Jun 12, 2018

8 / 10

Check out our review of Mia Michaels’ A Unicorn in a World of Donkeys and find out whether you’re a magical fairy tale creature or a steadfast beast of burden.
on Jun 05, 2018
There is not much else to say about Steppenwolf at 50 other than that it’s a perfect, career-long snapshot of this highly influential band.
on Jun 04, 2018

7.5 / 10

Take a very short, sort-of-spiritual journey by reading our review for Stalking God: My Unorthodox Search for Something to Believe In, Anjali Kumar’s down-to-earth, funny, and honest quest to find a faith or principle that she can believe in and pass on to her daughter.
on Jun 04, 2018
Lombardo’s crazy, fast-paced, off-tempo rhythms mixed with the psychotic vocal delivery of Mike Patton creates something like a soundtrack to the impending Armageddon.
on May 10, 2018
When Legends Rise doesn’t miss the mark; everything you would expect from a Godsmack album is here and fans of the band will be quite happy with it.
on May 09, 2018
This 4-disc Blu-ray reissue of the classic Hellraiser films is everything fans could want, and then some. Hard to believe the original was released back in 1987, right?
on May 05, 2018
If you are listening to extreme metal for the sake of sheer brutality and fierceness, not necessarily production or quality, then this might be up your alley.
on Apr 30, 2018
The new CD/DVD/Blu-ray, Live In Overhausen, is everything an Overkill fan -- and fan of thrash metal for that matter -- would want to hear.
on Apr 29, 2018
Alpha & Omega, the new offering from Western Canadian melodic death metal act, Cruentis, is a tour-de-force journey through many different forms of extreme metal, juxtaposed with lots of slower, ethereal piano and orchestral highlights that transport the listener through a wide range of emotions and feelings.
on Apr 27, 2018

7.5 / 10

Lead track “Desert Moonlight Spells” opens the disc and, for the next forty-two minutes, there is virtually no reprieve from the metallic onslaught; it just keeps coming.
on Apr 16, 2018
Escaping The Grave is a return to form for Grave Robber and, while there are no big surprises nor does the band reinvent the wheel, this is a solid addition to their catalogue.
on Apr 16, 2018
This release is a no-brainer for folk metal fans as they’ll totally dig Nine Years Blood. For those not familiar with the genre, this would be a great place to get your acquaintance on.
on Mar 28, 2018

6.5 / 10

This record is a mixed bag; when the band sticks to the uptempo hard rockers they are in top form, but the three or so AOR tunes don’t do much for the record’s overall vibe.
on Mar 20, 2018
Dude, check this interview with Will Carsola and Dave Stewart, creators of Adult Swim’s animated series, Mr. Pickles, about the show, season 3, and “Mr. Pickles Thrashtacular Tour” with Exodus and Municipal Waste.
on Mar 17, 2018

6.5 / 10

This album starts out with the brutally heavy title track, “Imparables”, and the crushing aural punishment doesn’t let up for the next five songs.
on Mar 16, 2018


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