Christopher Gonda

Christopher Gonda

Publisher, CEO (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- One day back in 2005, I got drunk with a friend and we decided to stop working on our then-active socio-political website, but continue to do something in the world of web. Heavy music was one of our common interests and within a few months PureGrainAudio was born. What began as a hobby has grown into way more than we could have ever expected. Now, all we want is global media domination. Full stop.
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Dylan Walker of extreme grind machine Full of Hell, decided to forgo the usual album-related Q&A and opted for our Purely Provocative interview, discussing vomit, blood, showering and vampires.
on Jun 22, 2017
Ukraine's Ignea is a female-fronted oriental-themed metal band that are as melodic as they are harsh, and we've got a premiere of their brand new "Alexandria" music video.
on Jun 22, 2017
Singer, poet and avid traveller, Kevin Max is someone whose music you've likely heard without even knowing it. We're lucky to be debuting his rocking new track "Gotta Serve Somebody".
on Jun 21, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden's alternative/indie duo Grapell, which consists of musicians and friends Emil Erstrand and Nils Nygårdh, have shared the new single "No Longer Free".
on Jun 21, 2017
We've teamed up with Toulouse, France's ferocious metal foursome Stormhaven to give away a free copy of their death prog single "Exodus Part 1 The Emerging Ghost".
on Jun 21, 2017
We're debuting the music video for the thundering single "Killing Time" from Los Angeles, CA-based hard rockers, Krashkarma!
on Jun 21, 2017
Jonathan Wolfe, frontman for new Seattle rock group Vespera, and known for his work with Slaves and Falling In Reverse, shares his TOP 10 favourite animes.
on Jun 21, 2017
To help promote The Dukes' new material, we've partnered with the band to premiere the brand new music video for their single "Black Hole Love".
on Jun 19, 2017
Emerging New England rockers, Resonate, confirmed that on September 23rd they will make their West Coast debut, headlining sunset strip's Whisky A-Go-Go.
on Jun 18, 2017
Young, hungry and fierce, that's how we're describing the brand new UK-based melodic hardcore band, Dayshifter. Hear their debut single "In Despair" right here!
on Jun 16, 2017
It's already out and if you haven't already heard it, now's your chance! Head below to stream the new EP Wandering and Blue from Montreal, Quebec's Mundy's Bay.
on Jun 15, 2017
Grab a free high-quality MP3 download of the thundering single "Voodoo Baby" from France's female-fronted heavy rock quartet Volker!
on Jun 15, 2017
Mixing hard rock, metal, punk and new age, Darrin Evil's music is eclectic but rockin'! Check out a free download of the 13th track "You Too".
on Jun 14, 2017
The five-piece hardcore band Moments shared a killer list of the TOP 10 hardcore hangouts in their hometown of Belgium!
on Jun 13, 2017
Malloy is an unbelievable musician and you need to check out his material (a sweet tune with Van Halen can be seen below) so we're offering a free download of his single "My Therapy".
on Jun 12, 2017
Guitarist and vocalist John Ellis commented on the cover artwork for his band Mokomokai's debut recording, Poison Whiptail (Boonsdale Records).
on Jun 11, 2017
Swiss quintet Voice Of Ruin is going to pound the hell out of your eardrums with their brand of groove-loaded and death-infused heavy metal! Grab their Purge and Purify album right here!
on Jun 11, 2017
Punk rock, social injustice, politics, and war on terror issues... that's what the independent Toronto, Canada-based quartet The SHAM is all about!
on Jun 10, 2017
We're bringing you some Absinthe bender worthy darkwave thanks to the premiere of Midnight On A Moonless Night (Metropolis Records), the debut offering from Hexheart.
on Jun 08, 2017
With all that being said, we're delighted to be working with the band to premiere their new song "When All Your Love Is Gone" - which you can also purchase via iTunes - off their upcoming album.
on Jun 06, 2017


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