Christopher Gonda

Christopher Gonda

Publisher, CEO (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- One day back in 2005, I got drunk with a friend and we decided to stop working on our then-active socio-political website, but continue to do something in the world of web. Heavy music was one of our common interests and within a few months PureGrainAudio was born. What began as a hobby has grown into way more than we could have ever expected. Now, all we want is global media domination. Full stop.
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Brooklyn, NY's Death By Piano are a slick electronic-based twosome consisting of musicians Kalen Lister (vocals, keys) and Greywolf (producer, instrumentalist) who have debuted their new single "Caves".
on Jul 21, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona-based metal/rock group DED have just released their brand new 11-track album Mis-An-Thrope via Suretone Records and we're celebrating with an exclusive interview!
on Jul 21, 2017
We've got the exclusive premiere of the Worcester, UK-based band HVMM's new single "Beggars and Thieves".
on Jul 20, 2017
We spoke with Great White lead guitarist Mark Kendall about the killer Paul McPhee cover artwork off their new Bluez Tone Records album Full Circle.
on Jul 19, 2017
Grab a free download of the single "Kredo Tvoyo" (Thy Creed) from the independent fantasy metal project from Moscow, Russia, FS Projekt.
on Jul 15, 2017
We are very pleased to bring you the exclusive premiere of Shatterproof's latest self-titled EP, a week ahead of its July 21st release date!
on Jul 14, 2017
Down with the fuzz? Well, then you'll want to get hip on the Philly rockers The Stone Eye. Sample their tunes with a free download of the single "Farewell Lady".
on Jul 13, 2017
Zander Bleck is back! The Los Angeles-based artist is proud to debut the music video for his latest single, “Alive”.
on Jul 13, 2017
Oxford, UK's miserable hardcore quartet MSRY covered Cancer Bat's original jam, "Hail Destroyer", and it's heavy-as-sin. Grab a free download!
on Jul 12, 2017
English tech-metal group Borders support their new four-track Diagnosed EP with a TOP 10 list of their favourite Van Bangers!
on Jul 12, 2017
The annual Montebello Rockfest (aka Amnesia Rockfest) was a must-cover for us and here's a dope little video recapping the weekend's madness.
on Jul 12, 2017
Toronto, Canada's HUMANITIES and Low Sun recently joined forces and emerged with a new split EP under the moniker Human Sun. This is its premiere!
on Jul 12, 2017
Brussels, Belgium is home to the three-piece post-punk trio known as Animal Youth and we partnered with them to debut their new retro music video for the single "You Don't Know Love".
on Jul 10, 2017
We caught up with Toronto, Canada-based musician Eden Warsaw for a quick Q&A about their latest single and upcoming album Calm The Coast.
on Jul 10, 2017
LA rockers Madus have shifted to a more raw, garage sound on their new EP and you can hear this shift as we exclusively premiere their new song "Through The Dark" here...
on Jul 10, 2017
From Oberhausen, Germany comes Misanthrope Monarch, a metal quintet which mix death and thrash to monstrous proportions. Grab their single "The Brotherhood Of Destruction" here!
on Jul 09, 2017
Hamilton, Ontario indie rockers The Bandicoots released their four-track Zolly EP on June 23, 2017, and today we're lucky to offer up a free download of the single "Vesper".
on Jul 07, 2017
Buffalo, NY's Something Better, the latest signing to Victory Records imprint label, Wilhelm Records, have debuted the lyric video for new single "My Calamity".
on Jul 06, 2017
Swedish hard rock band Märvel will release their albums via The Sign records in North America! Hear all of the The Hills Have Eyes today!
on Jul 06, 2017
Almost Famous Friends is an alternative rock quartet from Austin, Texas and we've premiered their new acoustic single "Without You".
on Jul 05, 2017


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