Danny P.

Danny P.

Writer (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- At a young age Daniel abandoned his hopes of mastering astrophysics to focus on food and all music on the psychedelic side of the Mississippi. He is also known for both his love AND hate for the fuzz.
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Heavy, loud and groovy, Abominable is the sort of album that both doom beginners and seasoned veterans will be able to soak up. Read our review...
on Apr 01, 2017
If Iommi is your God or you worship at the feet of Pepper Keenan then the rough riffs found on Spirit Of Tradition might be right up your alley.
on Mar 16, 2017
While these days you can’t throw a rock without hitting a 70’s fuzz band, Kingnomad has stuck its nose out ahead of the race.
on Mar 06, 2017
Created in the Image of Suffering is a smoldering and unforgiving listen through and through, and is the perfect backdrop for Esfandiari’s haunting yet absolutely gorgeous lyrics.
on Mar 02, 2017
I must say, that this is a very exciting release to start my year off with, as the standards are set high for what Heavy Temple’s path will be.
on Feb 20, 2017
We chatted with bespectacled 90's darling, Lisa Loeb, about Steve Martin, record collections, Blacktop Records, and what its like to play "Stay" over 20 years later.
on Feb 16, 2017
The St. Petersberg, Florida natives, with their ears still ringing from their 2015 Demo album, have signed with Prosthetic Records to unleash a punishing half hour upon us all.
on Feb 06, 2017

10 / 10

It is American Doom in all its glory, a sort of spooky fuck you to the present, and a loud homage to what is the past.
on Jan 12, 2017
Last month marked the release of The Sore Losers' album Skydogs, and we were introduced to a handsome collection or era-bending rock and roll.
on Dec 14, 2016
Fjórir surges forward with its heavy D-Beat stride, one that you’d most likely hear coming out of New York’s Lower East side, but is guided with that Norwegian precision we all have grown to respect.
on Dec 12, 2016
III is an album that has been highly-anticipated since social media hinted at it last year and, for many reasons, will not be one to disappoint.
on Nov 05, 2016
Packed with foot stomps, hand claps, brass instruments and a deliciously-impressive production, The Sword have come to prove that they haven’t just rewritten a hit album.
on Oct 31, 2016
The night started with, of course, filling our bellies, and our choice of arena of which to do so was at To-Ne sushi. After that, we were pummeled with some damn fine heavy music courtesy of Nothing, Wrong, Culture Abuse and Dead Tired.
on Jun 17, 2016
Danny P. shows us how to impress our friends with knowledge of plant seasons. Whip up a batch of these "Prince's Purple Rain" blueberry and lavender muffins for your post-brunch get together.
on May 30, 2016
While a little difficult to point out the album's highlights, what you can expect are sludgy riffs large enough to fill Helm’s Deep that are nicely interrupted by frantic and progressive breakdowns throughout.
on May 30, 2016

9 / 10

With "Tranny Takes a Trip", Salem’s Pot has left us with both a delicious and tantalizing treat, plus another reason to eagerly anticipate the summer release of Pronounce This!.
on May 27, 2016
With the success Higher Time (out now via RidingEasy Records) deserves, 2016 should be a big year for Electric Citizen!
on May 24, 2016
Nothing has shown us they have the ability to harvest what is good from this misunderstood "shoegaze" genre and carefully add their own identity to it.
on May 20, 2016
Fried Chicken and Baroness (w/ Mutoid Man)! Check out our inaugural Food and Show Review article thanks to chef Danny P.!
on May 12, 2016
Toronto, Canada chef, Danny P., introduces his new series "Baker's Dozen" and gets us started off with a how-to on both Cannabutter and Cannaoil.
on Apr 14, 2016


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