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Graham Finney

Managing Editor, UK/EU (London, England, UK)
- Living an almost hermit like existence these days, when not sleeping, slaving over a laptop or at a gig, my time is spent between photographing mixed martial arts, watching shit horror movies and learning to play my slightly battered acoustic guitar. The reason I still do this? Obviously the money, hookers and fast cars, but mainly because Chris lets me indulge my passion for music that sounds like elephants fucking.
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Bloodstock Open Air Festival have revealed that New Orleans sludge heavyweights Down are to headline the Friday night at Bloodstock 2014. The show will be a UK exclusive and sees the Phil Anselmo fronted outfit join recently reformed black metal titans Emperor as the second headliner to be confirmed for the 2014 metal festival.
on Oct 16, 2013
Whilst everything about Los Angeles death metallers The Opaque is fairly generic, there is something likeable about their Black Dahlia-inspired rage that makes their Bow in Requiem mini-album worth a listen. Be warned though, you won’t get anything that reinvents the wheel and there are certainly better Black Dahlia Murder style bands out there but, hey, you can download it for pretty much next to nothing from their Bandcamp page so who are we to complain at generosity like that?
on Oct 16, 2013
British metalcore kids Bury Tomorrow finish their touring cycle with a sold-out show in London before heading off for much bigger, brighter lights.
on Oct 05, 2013
Organisers of the London International Tattoo Convention, which takes place at Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, London, E1W 2SF, over the weekend of the 27-29th September, have confirmed even more top artists are set to appear along already confirmed tattooists.
on Sep 18, 2013
Following the recent release of their new album, 'The Wild Hunt', black metal titans Watain have announced a run of UK tour dates for the end of the year. The band will play the following shows.
on Sep 17, 2013
Our first port of call on the Saturday is hard rockers Heaven's Basement who are making a bit of name for themselves with their frill-free hard rock and, by the looks of the swelling numbers as they smash through the likes of "Fire Fire" from their 'Filthy Empire' album, they’re a band who will soon by muscling their way up bills like this one.
on Sep 09, 2013
Slayer brought Bloodstock to a crashing finale with their first ever UK headline festival slot.
on Sep 08, 2013
Despite last year's horrendous weather causing all sorts of problems for Download organizers and weather reports ranging from pouring rain to thirty degree heat this year, it didn't stop eighty thousand rock fans from descending on Donington Park for the annual rock extravaganza.
on Sep 08, 2013
I discovered Nashville-based alt-rockers The Nearly Deads completely by accident one day when their name popped up as I watched a video by Welsh rockers The Dirty Youth. So, intrigued, I gave their video to "Fact And Friction" a spin and have to give YouTube a thumbs up for turning me on to a great band who share a lot of similarities to the aforementioned Welsh outfit (and not just the female singer angle).
on Sep 06, 2013
"We're not here to change the world..." sings Jaret Reddick as Texan pop-punk fools Bowling For Soup prepare to head into their twentieth anniversary with their new album before signing off with a bang and a smile on their faces with a farewell UK tour. It's kind of ironic then that, with the world ready to lose one of the most fun live bands around, the quartet put out the best album of their career.
on Sep 06, 2013
It's very easy to lump Los Angeles alt-metallers Gemini Syndrome in with that whole Disturbed/Five Finger Death Punch crowd and write them off even before you've digested the initial angsty minutes of their new album, Lux. However, with a major label deal signed and a tour with U.S. metallers Five Finger Death Punch in the not too distant future, it’s clear that somebody somewhere is planning big things for the Los Angeles outfit.
on Sep 04, 2013
Despite clocking in at little over twenty-eight minutes, the gut-wrenching experience of listening to Unloved makes it feel like a hell of a lot longer.
on Sep 03, 2013
Reading quartet Attention Thieves have been quietly plugging away for a while now, building up a reputation through hard work while fellow Brit rockers such as Lower Than Atlantis and We Are The Ocean have been taking the British rock scene by storm. Well, with the release of this, their new EP, just around the corner, 2014 looks like it will be the year when Attention Thieves make the step up to join their fellow Brits on the bigger scene.
on Sep 03, 2013
I remember being suitably impressed with Corby (UK)-based metal/screamo quartet Acoda after catching them at a local show earlier this year and, thankfully, their new album, Yours To Defend, shows I was right to be impressed.
on Sep 03, 2013
I don’t know about you but, despite growing up when thrash metal was at its peak, I find a lot of the modern bands who proclaim to be paying tribute to their influences just don’t give me the same buzz. I think a lot of it is down to the polished, pristine studio conditions these bands record under which, under normal circumstances, wouldn't be a problem because, let’s face it, nobody likes listen to a record that sounds like dogshit do they?
on Aug 30, 2013
I remember seeing U.S. hardcore maulers Stray From The Path some time last year and making a mental note then that they weren't the sort of band you would want to be on the wrong side of. Listening to the raw, raging aggression pouring out of their latest album, Anonymous, nothing has changed that opinion.
on Aug 29, 2013
Aside from the intro and the somewhat out of place "Pieces", the rest of Sink Or Swim, the new album from California shredders Weapons Status Red is a rip-roaring slice of abrasive metalcore. Now, we all know that the metalcore scene has gone beyond being just a little overcrowded so the million dollar question is – do Weapons Status Red warrant your attention over the thousands of other "metalcore" bands?
on Aug 29, 2013
Formed in 2007, Italian quintet Joyless Jokers sit right on that line that separates the Swedish death metal scene and the American death metal scene. Their new album, Taste Of Victory, blurs that divider with a devastating blend of melody and clinical, sledgehammer heavy ferocity. Okay, the Italians may not reinvent the wheel with their sound but, for thirty-odd minutes, you'll find yourself listening to a fine example of what happens when the two worlds collide.
on Aug 29, 2013
Gibraltan rockers Breed 77 have announced their split with vocalist Paul Isola. The split is amicable and the band have already confirmed a replacement in the form of Rui Lopez someone who fans of the band will have seen sharing a stage with Paul on their recent UK tour dates with Fozzy.
on Aug 29, 2013
Nu-metal titans Limp Bizkit have been confirmed as headliners for the 2014 Kerrang! Magazine tour. The tour sees the band joined by Japanese electro-metallers Crossfaith and Nekrogoblikon for the dates listed below.
on Aug 29, 2013


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