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Writer, Music Producer (Franklin, NC, USA)
- When I was born, the Earth was experiencing a series of tremors, namely because it was Valentine's Day, and people were participating in their Valentine's Day rituals. I'm a big fan of trendy metal. If there's a meme about it, I love it. Send it over. I also dabble on the guitar, amongst other musical things.
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Meshuggah has had such an incredible influence on modern metal. This EP is a remastered release of their 2004 EP, I, which according to their drummer Tomas Haake, was written first as a jam session that was later rehashed and tracked. It's 21 minutes of groove and polyrhythms that will make your vertebrae bob on different beats.
on Nov 10, 2014

6.5 / 10

I started listening to Dinosaurs Are Not Gone! without knowing what I was getting myself into. I was somewhat caught off guard whilst drinking my morning coffee, my jolt causing waves of coffee to splash all over my beautiful face - not quite as epic as the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, but comparable in frustration. To me, who loves his music over produced on records, RAWRRRR!!! comes across like pre-production from The Dillinger Escape Plan, not trying to oversell the band. Dillinger is still Dillinger.
on Nov 04, 2014

8.5 / 10

With great guitar chops comes great responsibility. Wielding such power requires the patience of Gandhi and the attention to detail of Mario Batali. If you're not familiar with Within The Ruins, be ashamed of yourself. In a genre where copycats rage like cancer-AIDS, Within The Ruins branded themselves with their signature, heavily quantized production style, which believe it or not, they produce live very, very, like WTF mate well, leaving most musicians relatively speechless, with exception to that one guy that says, "I mean... they trigger their drums, bro, and backtrack their second guitar player, so like, they suck." Dear Guy, you're an idiot. They used to have 2 guitar players. Now they don't. Wanna to audition? Didn't think so.
on Oct 30, 2014

8.5 / 10

Nick Johnston is a beautiful man. I'm not sure if "Atomic Rock" is actually a genre recognized by humans, but it certainly does describe Nick's songwriting and general style *salute General Style* (How I Met Your Mother Reference. Don't sue me). Best part of "atomic rock" is that it doesn't really make any sense. Atomic stems from the Greek "atomos," meaning "indivisible." Rock, from "rock n roll," meaning "let's bang," was punned into the Earth formation, which morphed to "metal," which is "heavier," atomically speaking, but also considered "larger than life" or "exaggerated" in its performance/production, so to call a genre of "Rock" "atomic" is an insurmountable wave of punnery, or punnage, if you will, that truly is an Atomic Mind... fun. What? Onward!
on Oct 20, 2014

7.5 / 10

While the climate is changing, so is the band Climates. Their new album Body Clocks will surely get your tundra warm and seasonally wet with a typhoon of sonic pleasure. Flying in from Wales, they beached (ha! Whales. Get it? Ayeeeee.) on my iPod Nano, surprising me with an edible arrangement of hardcore-driven rhythms for my ears. Let's get to the "Bigger Picture" and discuss the "Cryptic" "Sundown" that's "Worlds Away" "In The Heart Of Man" with me, the "Realist," on how I interpret "What Means The Most" (see track listing to get this joke).
on Oct 15, 2014
Took me forever to get around to writing this review, mainly 'cause I don't know what to say about it, as well as life and gummy bears. In other words, I'm somewhat torn. How much you enjoy this album will be dictated by a couple of factors. Firstly, if you are a fan of Jonny Craig, you will enjoy this album thoroughly. Every track has the nuance of Johnny's character and writing style: soulful and wandering. For me, his vocal tone alone made this album worth listening to, truly a one of a kind throat muscle extraordinaire.
on Sep 04, 2014
While some people declare celibacy and others, like Joel Osteen, sell their soul, I mean a shit ton of copies of a book with a title with which I am making a joke but am just realizing that most people who are reading this review probably don't get that reference, I Declare War declares "We Are Violent People By Nature." For the most part, they're right.
on Jun 27, 2014

7.7 / 10

Some people don't like synth in their tea, but I do. Likewise, some people find synth in metalcore/hardcore music as a gimmick and make fun of bands like Attack Attack! and Asking Alexandria for using it, but on the other hand, when Skrillex and Korn collab-ed and made some dynamite jamz, it proved to me that it totally depends on how you use it.
on Jun 26, 2014

8.5 / 10

It's not every day that you come across a term like "jazzcore." I found Numbers online a few years ago when I discovered their vocalist's covers of Periphery jamz on the YouTube, which alludes a bit to the kind of vocal range to expect from Numbers. The "jazz" aspect of this particular "core" describes primarily the tonality of the music, which I guess in layman's terms could be expressed as a "darker happy" or "that note feels like it wants to go somewhere else but seems to have made friends with the the group of notes it's with and if that note makes babies with its new friends, don't expect those babies to look like everyone else."
on Jun 16, 2014

8 / 10

So when it comes to music, everyone thinks they're professional critics, like me, and a cool thing to do in the metalcore/post-hardcore scene is to put down aspiring bands, while the bands push really hard to create music and the critics jerk off to anime and take selfies of their pre-pubescent bodies that make Maury shake his head.
on Jun 12, 2014

8.5 / 10

Ever since Three Days Grace's album One X, I've been waiting for a radio killing, rock band. The bands that I predominately listen to have too many breakdowns (I guess?) for Clear Channel, so my hope of the rock revolution to the indie pop invasion falls on the shoulders of alternative metal, which believe it or not, was the genre label for Nickelback's album Silver Side Up, which I still love.
on Jun 10, 2014

7.8 / 10

I'm terrible with names, and for the longest time I would confuse the names "Miss May I" and "Memphis May Fire." I'm not proud of it, but I do find that kind of humorous now that I'm able to make a distinction. Oh, Nelly.
on Apr 28, 2014

7.5 / 10

I've been sitting behind my lap top for about 2 hours trying to think about what to say about Kyng, and I'm still not sure. Burn the Serum is Kyng's second album, and I never heard the first one. My initial reaction to the music actually got me thinking about what is current day rock? For the most part, there does not seem to be "mainstream" rock anymore. Everything that is "rock-ish" has either fallen more under the umbrella of "somethingsomething metal" or Nickelback.
on Apr 14, 2014

8.5 / 10

My opinion doesn't really matter that much, but in the hypothetical realm where it does, Taking Back Sunday takes me back to a time where I used to believe in one true love, lazy Sundays, and sleeping in all day if it meant afternoon delight. Much has changed since then, but my love for Taking Back Sunday is unwavering. This album has all of the emotional sentiments you may remember from their previous albums but with even better song writing, in my opinion, which as you recall from a moment ago, is irrelevant.
on Apr 10, 2014
I'm a colossal fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Doesn't matter if it's Terminator, smoking cigars, "pumping up" and comparing it to sex, I don't care. I'm there. I'm also a metal enthusiast to an unhealthy degree, so needless to say when the two were put together, I nearly lost my mind. Austrian Death Machine is a thrash metal tribute band to all things Arnold Schwarzenegger. A Tim Lambesis side project, Austrian Death Machine shares many stylistic similarities with As I Lay Dying, since Tim wrote and recorded vocals, guitars, bass, and drums. The icing on the cake, though, is the sound of Arnold's voice making numerous references to his classic films such as, "Hey Sully ... remember when I told you I'd kill you last?? ... I lied." If you don't recognize that quote from Commando, I don't know what you're doing with your life.
on Apr 02, 2014

8.1 / 10

I don't usually listen to instrumental music, but when I do, I expect to have my socks knocked off. Oh, what do we have here? It's Animals As Leaders. As a guitar player who is forever mesmerized by Tosin Abasi, I've learned from my mistakes of listening to Animals As Leaders in public. Typically my socks come straight off, and I end up pulling a "sock man," and there is my RHCP reference for the day.
on Apr 01, 2014

8.5 / 10

I like to consider myself still somewhat young, the type of young that will consider going bungee jumping but will blame a hangover for not following through and steps aside to let the others risk their insurance premiums, so it's weird to think that the first time I heard Chiodos was back in 2007, when I was starting college, and now I'm out of college, and these goobers are still pounding out fresh music.
on Mar 31, 2014

8.5 / 10

Architects: a band. Before I began listening to this particular album by said band, I had maybe only listened to a few songs in the past and somehow always manage to confuse them with the litany of rock/metal bands that are named after plural nouns relating to natural law. But, I digress. This album is Heluva Good Dip. Def. an album where if you're not careful, you will double dip and get the stink eye from people around you as you get carried away with air drumming.
on Mar 18, 2014
I had never really taken the time to listen to For Today, until recently, when suddenly posts about "homophobic" remarks made by someone affiliated with the band commandeered my Facebook timeline. Being the curious Internet user that I am, I reacted swiftly by finding YouTube clips of For Today's performances, solidifying my belief that there is no such thing as bad press. I thoroughly enjoyed their artistic expression in the form of high gain guitars and growls, so when the opportunity presented itself to review slash listen to their new album, Fight The Silence, I leaped at the chance, and they did not disappoint.
on Feb 19, 2014

6.9 / 10

Um... I don't really know what just happened. Like falling down a short staircase, KDC's The Veracity of Solitude was over before I realized I was listening to it, and the last thing I remember before I came tumbling down was pressing the play button. In order to convey the sound of this band, I would like to set the scene.
on Feb 05, 2014


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