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Henry Maneuver

Writer, Music Producer (Franklin, NC, USA)
- When I was born, the Earth was experiencing a series of tremors, namely because it was Valentine's Day, and people were participating in their Valentine's Day rituals. I'm a big fan of trendy metal. If there's a meme about it, I love it. Send it over. I also dabble on the guitar, amongst other musical things.
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While some kids are busy taking selfie pix and posting them on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or updating their Tumblrs with pictures of their favorite puppet from One Direction, others have taken time to study musical instruments and perform them better than many "professional" musicians twice their age, and to these few, bright blossoming performers, I say: Rock on!
on Jan 25, 2014

7.7 / 10

I've never been to Canada Land, but recently I came across a young Canadian band whilst perusing the various tubes of the internet. This particular tube, better known as "YouTube," had a channel dedicated to a young singer who performs various vocal covers. The one song in particular that struck my fancy was originally by Periphery – "love that shit." Shortly thereafter, I found a link to her band's tube, and there I found my resting spot for 3 minutes and 18 seconds.
on Jan 12, 2014
Some people play guitar for fun, while others like to sing songs along with their favorite bands. A very small portion of the population; however, has a metaphorical battle raging with Nazi zombies, and this... is their story.
on Jan 04, 2014

7.7 / 10

Drum sequence. Chug. Chug-chug. Chug-chug-chug. Neer. Neer. Neer. Neer. I AM! This is me scat singing the opening track to Wolves Within entitled, "Anti-Pattern." It's quite delightful, but fair warning to those who consider embarking upon this album's journey who have never heard After the Burial before: grooves. Some reading may ask, "Why, Handsome Henry. For whatever reason would you warn one of grooves? Grooves are amazing." They ARE amazing, but some people are not yet aware of their effects on the body and may be frightened by sudden isolated episodes of rigor mortis.
on Dec 28, 2013

6.9 / 10

According to the boys and girls at Wikipedia, "Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence." Strange usage of the word "whose" guys, but that's also the nuts and bolts of a jun-jun-jun *rest* jun-jun-jun breakdown, and Atlases happens to have a whole bunch. You might be thinking to yourself, "That is a strange name for a band. I wonder if they know what atlases are." I'm fairly certain that they do, but did you also know that Atlas was a Mauretanian king who is believed by some to have been the inventor of astronomy? So, I like to believe that the name actually describes a group of 5 King Atlases, although I personally think that King Atlas would have been more of a prog. metal guy.
on Dec 18, 2013
Australia is home to a variety of pretty solid things: the didjeridu, Parkway Drive, and groups of Kangaroos known as "mobs." In 2010, Australia birthed some more solid in the form of Northlane. Their first album turned quite a few heads. Their second album, I predict, will turn even more heads, with some repeat head turning involved, leaving some people's heads turned "this way" and others "that way," but either way, they will be turned.
on Dec 18, 2013
Ever been walking through a graveyard during a full moon on Friday the 13th, or perhaps wanted to play notes unreasonably fast on a 6, or 7, stringed instrument connected to a device that makes the vibrations of those strings way too loud to the point where the sound is comparable an exploding Transformer or Power Ranger Megazord? If the answer to these questions is yes, or no, you should watch this video on how to Death Metal. It's something you could probably live without, but that's not what DEATH Metal is all about. Enjoy!
on Nov 27, 2013
Some people look forward to Christmas. Some people look forward to the best part of waking up in your cup, while others to DJ bedroom parties. I, on the other hand, mark my Advent calendar, 'cause I love the treats, for any upcoming Protest The Hero release in red Sharpie. I've been blue ear-ing since their 2011 release Scurrilous, and as with every Protest The Hero album, I learned a new word.
on Nov 15, 2013
Instrumental rock guitar music is one of the few things that really gets white people amped up (Citation: Chapelle Show February 2004). In today's saturated music market, few rise to the top as masters of their craft. I found one in Canada, and he was gracious enough to share a few words about his latest album, In a Locked Room on the Moon. Please meet Nick Johnston.
on Oct 29, 2013

7.5 / 10

When I listen to Halestorm, I need to switch gears. I usually brace myself for an onslaught of percussive guitar writing and syncopated drumming when I press play on my iPod, but when I see Halestorm is about to begin, I need to rewind my musical perspective a few decades. Imagining that Lzzy Hale is singing to me exclusively helps.
on Oct 29, 2013

8.5 / 10

Sirens & Sailors. On the one hand you have Sirens, which in the context of sailors and the sea, are just huge, mythical bitch whores who lure sailors to them with their singing and shy clothing that just can't seem to stay on with a side of little bottom boob. Then, you've got Sailors, the poor, pathetic seamen who are up to their eyeballs in blue, looking to score a little booty in a chest covered with sea salt, who just cannot contain themselves when in earshot of the Sirens' songs and crash their ships. Put the two together, and you've got a would be orgy covered in wooden wreckage, and quite frankly, I do believe that well represents the overall sound of this band.
on Oct 22, 2013

8.9 / 10

There are numerous things that I learned from Korn growing up: 7 string guitars are a thing, skat singing can be heavy like... woah, meth can bring you closer to Jesus #glasshalffull, and when a problem comes along "Fuck that, fuck that."
on Oct 18, 2013

8.5 / 10

How do I put this politely? Most bands are pretty horrible, but recently, I've had the pleasure of listening to some high quality ish. "Henry, pray tell. Of whom do you speaketh, so that we may too bathe in the sweet, sweet melody which hath caressed your godlike ears?" Okay. You've swayed me. There is a band who has been sent to us from beyond. They go by the name of "Myka, Relocate." "Why, kind and gentle Henry. I've never heard of such a being. Prithee continue."
on Oct 17, 2013
I don't know what "Mals Totem" means... wait, yes I do. I think, and therefore I am, it's a reference to the movie Inception. Mal is the main character's wife who killed herself... maybe. That doesn't tell you much about the band's sound, but fortunately for you, you have me, and I will architect a way for you to hear the band through my dreamy words.
on Oct 07, 2013

8.2 / 10

When I listen to a jam, and by jam I mean song, not marmalade, I appreciate it most when it sounds fresh, like the popping of a well sealed preserve, or jam. For me, freshness includes the following: innovative songwriting, production, and boobs. Incredible' Me has all three in pairs. This would not only win most poker games, but make them twice as heart pumping.
on Sep 19, 2013
There's this Schecter guitar competition that was created to help promote the new A7X album along with Schecter guitars. Henry found it his duty to set the curve. Nailed it!
on Sep 12, 2013
Hearts & Hands, not be be confused with Elizabeth Davis' fifth edition of 'Hearts and Hands: A Midwife's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth', is a band that has undergone a significant transformation since their self-titled EP in 2012. With the departure of Chelsea Grin vocalist Alex Koehler, Hearts & Hands' sound has shifted away from breakdowns and screams. Their new full-length LP, My Own Machine, features a wide variety of sonic treats and textures, including effected guitars, acoustics, a handful of momentary harsh vocals, electonica, and if you don't like it, you're stupid.
on Sep 05, 2013

8.5 / 10

When reviewing albums, I, The Henry, have a ritual adhere < /Spencer Sotelo voice> where I listen to the music whilst reading whatever I can about the band. This time around, I watched a few live videos, tweeted @Cityinthesea – to which they only favorited my tweet... shame, and managed to read the Edgar Allen Poe poem that the band is named after. My concentration was abruptly broken when at the end of City In The Sea's album Below The Noise, my iPod nano went on shuffle and started playing "20 Dollar Nose Bleed" by Fall Out Boy because I’m a manly man.
on Aug 19, 2013

8.3 / 10

When you Google Sleep City, the first entries you’ll find are links to mattress companies. While also comfy and made in the U.S., Sleep City's debut LP Distance and Age is a collection of jams that combines high energy rock, intricate enough to be progressive or even experimental, but with hook-driven vocals that will leave you wondering why you've yet to hear this band on the radio.
on Aug 14, 2013
There are certain things that I don’t expect in life, things like well-written articles in Maxim or yoga pants that tell the truth, so when I pressed play on my iPod Nano to listen to Deadlock’s new album, The Arsonist, I did not expect the thrashy, detuned guitar riff intro, subsequent sweeping arpeggio guitar lead, and momentary blast beat into a groove riff. Then, only a few moments later, after some brutal, layered harsh vocals, the catchiest vocal hook ever sung by Sabine Weniger, who’s gorgeous by the way. With a piano and clean guitar bridge, "The Great Pretender" is easily one of the most surprising tracks I've listened to as of late, especially because the only other band aus Deutschland that I can think of off the top of my head is Rammstein, which Deadlock sound nothing like.
on Aug 07, 2013


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