J. Kevin Lynch

6.5 / 10

There may be a fine line between cohesive and redundant and it's up to individual fans of the band to decide where Animositisomina falls.
on Mar 26, 2017
Brood X is highly recommended to the steadfast Boss Hog fan base, but should also draw interest from anyone who desires a unique album that doesn’t really sound like anyone else.
on Mar 22, 2017
Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin has released a new single called "Catharsis" from his new side project 3 Headed Snake.
on Feb 23, 2017
Objectively, the songs aren’t bad, but will I feel the desire to ever hear them again? Probably not.
on Feb 06, 2017

7 / 10

This first issue of Slayers Repentless comic run is sure to satisfy the Slayer fans and collectors of their various projects and merch, as well as comic nerds in general.
on Jan 30, 2017
Currently in the studio working on new Ministry tracks with Al Jourgensen, two-time Grammy nominated guitarist and songwriter, Sin Quirin, quietly debuted a demo track from his new metal project, 3 Headed Snake, last week.
on Jan 19, 2017

7.5 / 10

Authored by Sarah Jensen (a longtime friend of Mr. Keenan’s) "with" Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, this book is a revelation in its existence, yet still exactly the kind of semi-autobiography you would expect from the enigmatic singer.
on Jan 18, 2017

7.5 / 10

Titled Songs of Darkness and Despair, this six-song EP is something far greater than a mere novelty act or vanity project from either individual.
on Jan 17, 2017
The film divides the Fat Wreck Chords' history into four generations of bands: 1990-1999, 2000-2009, 2006-2011, and 2012-2015. When it’s over, the film feels like a series of missed opportunities shrouded in self-congratulatory anecdotes.
on Nov 29, 2016
Superjoint guitarist Jimmy Bower discusses the band's new album Caught Up in the Gears of Application, writing and recording, some of his favorite songs, and the band's touring plans.
on Nov 11, 2016


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