Jeremy Price

Jeremy Price

Journalist (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
- After a childhood of hating any and all loud noises, Jeremy somehow ended up as "that guy" sweating and shirtless in the middle of the mosh pit. When he's not covering a show or interviewing a band, Jeremy enjoys reading, doing backflips, and skating the streets of Brooklyn.
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Up-and-coming Belgian rockers The Sore Losers open up about the joy and madness of their first time on American soil.
on Apr 10, 2017
Whether the show takes place here in America or home in Belgium, one thing’s for sure: The Sore Losers bring the fire.
on Apr 03, 2017

6.5 / 10

I'm not quite ready to follow these Generals into battle, but they've earned my respect.
on Mar 06, 2017

3.5 / 10

The Giant & The Tailor definitely has some talent on their side, and I actually like the idea of incorporating spoken word into their performances. But in both lyrical content and emotional approach, they've desperately got to make some changes.
on Mar 05, 2017

2 / 10

Just when LP was finally getting back in touch with their roots, they shart out a cookie-cutter pop song as musically complacent as it is lyrically vapid.
on Feb 22, 2017
Their latest EP, their ideological inspirations, science fiction, superpowers, video games, and the fabled Rody Walker Big Cock Appreciation Experience.
on Feb 15, 2017
Back in September of 2014, Jeremy Price went to his first Protest The Hero show while studying in Sydney, Australia and ended up doing a backflip on-stage. It happened again... this time in NYC!
on Feb 15, 2017
Each song surprised me in some way, and while I wasn’t left clamoring for more, I definitely felt immersed in a unique, oddly harmonious musical world.
on Jan 30, 2017

8 / 10

It's no surprise that this song rocks.Overall, this is a surprisingly melancholy, polished, and thoughtful song from a band that wants to focus on skate punk, and I mean that in a good way.
on Jan 26, 2017
The next time Reel Big Fish or any of these bands comes to your town, drop everything and GO.
on Jan 24, 2017

8.5 / 10

If you’re feeling sickened by the state of the political world, I’m officially writing you a prescription for some Fat Heaven. Take one every six hours, and call me in the morning.
on Jan 21, 2017
Vessels stays true to Starset's unique brand of hard rock, brooding and melodic like a cybernetic Breaking Benjamin, but it also showcases a band pushing itself into new territory.
on Jan 11, 2017

8.5 / 10

Though formulaic, "okay." is a fun, catchy album. You're gonna love it. Read our review of the new album from UK pop-punk band As It Is inside...
on Jan 09, 2017
Despite its moving lyrical content, the music of Made of Glass, Made of Stone is nothing special. Read our full review here...
on Dec 21, 2016
Pacific Myth has its flaws, but there are still plenty of things to appreciate here, and we have every reason to hope for more prog metal excellence in the future.
on Nov 28, 2016
Not quite "as good as gold," but it’s still musical comfort food for big fans of pop punk.
on Nov 23, 2016
Any band that has the balls to pull off a cover of the Littlest Hobo needs your attention but, quirky covers aside, is their own material any good? Read our review of their new EP here...
on Nov 21, 2016
While their approach to the genre may be nothing new, their talent is clear, and they are an exciting group to keep an eye on.
on Nov 07, 2016

8 / 10

Though the song lacks the meticulous ferocity of previous single "Hardwired," it is still a solid addition to what is shaping up to be a promising album.
on Nov 02, 2016


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