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- Hi, My name is Nikos and I like long strolls through metal festivals all over the world, deep conversations about metal, movies about metal, Taco Tuesdays and Pugs.
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When we threw The Pentagram at Nashville, Tennessee's Season of Arrows, we expected it to be returned to us covered in rhinestones and faded denim. Thankfully, it came back to us safe and metal-as-fuck!
on Apr 08, 2017
Blackhearts does an excellent job delving into the unique culture of Black Metal and its place of birth, Norway.
on Mar 22, 2017
I don’t get it. There is a tonne of hype out there regarding Mothership and after giving High Strangeness its fair share of spins, I don’t see what the hoopla is about.
on Mar 07, 2017

8.5 / 10

Well, I’m here to tell you that Sanctuary’s Inception not only stands up to this century’s thrash releases, it annihilates the majority of them.
on Feb 22, 2017
This is great technical death metal and my only complaint is that whole EP clocks in at just over 15 minutes. I was just getting into it when it ended!
on Feb 13, 2017
We start 2017’s Pentagram with Curezum. Who the hell are they? Just juxtapose The Cure and Burzum and voila, you have the most misery-laden, tribute band caked in black and white makeup. Get depressed!
on Feb 09, 2017

8 / 10

"The Clarity" is an atypical Sleep song clocking in at around 10 minutes in length, consisting of 3 bar chords and hints that it was recorded at around 130 decibels, give or take.
on Feb 01, 2017
The Grinding Wheel consists of 10 well-written thrash anthems. Nothing has "decayed" over the years, that’s for sure.
on Jan 26, 2017

9 / 10

The song "Fortuna Havana" has a killer groove and great cohesion between all instruments. Definitely a foot tapper.
on Jan 17, 2017

8 / 10

Who said Columbus was boring? Lo-Pan go against that particular grain with their new EP In Tensions...
on Jan 05, 2017

7 / 10

This is good driving-on-the-open-road music, it keeps your foot tapping and you can sing along to it. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of acoustic albums, but this wasn’t painful to listen to.
on Dec 12, 2016

7.5 / 10

Is it black metal in the traditional Norwegian/Swedish sense? Not so much. I can tell you this; however, it’s a solid album and worth a half-hour of your time.
on Dec 01, 2016
I’m just going to say it, this is one of my favorite death metal albums of the year and I’ve listened to a shit ton of death metal this year.
on Nov 28, 2016
In this latest edition of The Pentagram, we were enlightened to some dirty details about The Damn Truth via their drummer, Dave Traina.
on Nov 22, 2016
How awesome was it when New Zealand’s Ulcerate visited the desert planet of Arizona for the very first time touring in support of their latest offering, Shrines of Paralysis? Pretty fucking awesome, mate!
on Nov 19, 2016
However you want to describe Animals As Leaders, you should always be on the ready to include the word "genius" somewhere within your description.
on Nov 10, 2016

7.5 / 10

Fuzz Evil has six songs that rock as hard as any stoner rock album from the genre.
on Nov 09, 2016
We recently reached out to Coen Jannsen, keyboard player and pianist for the Nuclear Blast symphonic metal band Epica, to give us the skinny on their collection of coiffures (except his…), the Danish diet, and the color Orange.
on Oct 31, 2016

7.5 / 10

"Loath" is the first track on Ten Thousand Ways To Die and if you’ve been a fan of Obituary for any given length of time, it has all the hallmarks of any of their songs.
on Oct 31, 2016
Their self-titled album, Take Over And Destroy, is their virgin release for Prosthetic Records and is an unexpected, pleasant surprise.
on Oct 26, 2016


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