Ben Firth

Ben Firth

Journalist (Reading, Berkshire, England)
- Having spent the first part of my career in the live music industry, I have 16 years experience working in London as a Sound Engineer and Producer for music, advertising and digital agencies, not to mention mixing and mastering for a vast number of record labels. Outside of this, I'm passionate about running the music collective “Made At Last” promoting new and emerging musical talent.
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Deez Nuts frontman JJ Peters sat down for an exclusive interview to discuss the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour 2017 and the superb new album Binge and Purgatory.
on Nov 24, 2017
The Impericon Never Say Die! tour once again rolled into London's Camden Electric Ballroom with a deservedly large following and a brilliant line-up.
on Nov 15, 2017

8.5 / 10

German Quintet Formerly known as 'Burning Down Alaska' reinvent themselves under the name 'Alazka', debuting with the stunning album 'Pheonix' Out Sept 1st on Sharptone Records
on Sep 01, 2017
Djent metalcore-inspired New Jersey quartet Counterfeit Culture take a bold step forward with their debut EP Deathwish.
on Aug 02, 2017
These guys are the real deal and are releasing what could potentially be one of the groundbreaking EPs of 2017.
on Jun 26, 2017
Just a week after releasing their superb 5-track EP Bloom, Seasonal hit the stage to a virtually empty room with a surprisingly refreshing enthusiasm.
on Jun 18, 2017


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