Mike Bax

Mike Bax

Managing Editor, Canada (Kitchener, ON, Canada)
- One day back in 2006, I got drunk with a friend and we decided to start a music magazine. That one lasted a few years. For many reasons, I folded that magazine and immediately started ANOTHER music magazine. That one made it another 6 years. During these many years, I’d run into Chris Gonda a lot. He always said "We should work together." Now we are. We both want global media domination. Full stop.
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Black Label Society hit Buffalo, NY's Town Ballroom with both Corrosion Of Conformity and Red Fang on February 5th. 1 word... Amazing!!!
on Feb 09, 2018
Jimmy Hayward took a half hour of time, along with Tim Dawson, to talk about the upcoming Legend of The Seagullmen album.
on Feb 05, 2018
Hawkeyes are a musical treasure. Their live shows are not a regular occurrence - which makes them a thing of celebration amongst their converts, many of whom tend to show up repeatedly when they play.
on Feb 02, 2018
A Sleigh Bells show is a barrage of high decibel guitar riffs, blinding lights, backbeats and Krauss's wonderful vocals - a mix of playfully sultry singing and howling screams, depending on the song she's servicing.
on Feb 01, 2018
Now signed to Nuclear Blast Records, Ministry's 14th studio album, AmeriKKKant, is set for release on March 9th, 2018. Al Jourgensen took some time to chat about many things; politics, herpes, fascism and otherwise.
on Jan 31, 2018
Avenged Sevenfold rolled through Hamilton's FirstOntario Centre on one of three live performances in Canada supporting The Stage World Tour.
on Jan 24, 2018

8.5 / 10

Think of Walking Papers as a gift, and this excellent follow up album WP2 makes Walking Papers a gift that keeps on giving.
on Jan 16, 2018
Steve Hackett took some time out of his busy schedule to chat about many things both solo and Genesis-related, revealing many of the Genesis/solo songs he plans to play on this upcoming set of live dates.
on Jan 15, 2018
Zakk Wylde, the virtuoso deliverer of guitar-laden doom, hits every damn song out of the park on this killer album - my new personal favourite of Zakk's entire discography.
on Jan 11, 2018
"We're not going to fuck with demos, we're just going to make the god-damned record. And that's what we did. I think it captured some of the rawness."
on Dec 22, 2017
I sit on the couch in my bathrobe every night watching sci-fi and horror movies, surrounded by six dogs, playing the guitar. That's how I write our music.
on Dec 18, 2017
"Mogwai Fear Satan", the crushing highlight of any live Mogwai performance tends to run past the 15-minute mark when performed, boasting an earth-shattering crescendo that would have even Kevin Shields covering his ears for the sonic part of the song.
on Dec 14, 2017

10 / 10

No Cross No Crown is an album I feel is the very best album Corrosion Of Conformity has EVER released. I'll even go so far as to say No Cross No Crown will go down as one of the best metal albums in 2018.
on Dec 13, 2017
Gary Numan and his band (Steve Harris, guitars; Tim Muddiman, bass; David Brooks, keyboards and Richard Beasley, drums) laid waste to a sold-out crowd at the Opera House in Toronto.
on Dec 08, 2017
"Having no idea where everything was going" was the very reason I liked the original Twin Peaks run. Go into this series for what it is, 18 episodes of new footage filmed by David Lynch outside of the constraints of mainstream television.
on Dec 04, 2017
Revolting Cocks and Frontline Assembly hit Toronto's Danforth Music Hall on November 19th and it was magical!
on Nov 24, 2017
I only ever wanted to make music. I dreamed of it when I was playing in metal bands as a kid and really never thought it could be a dream I could realize. Once that door was slightly cracked ajar for me, I pushed and clawed my way in and forced that door open wide, to be sure that it wouldn’t ever close.
on Nov 22, 2017
It’s been well over a decade since A Perfect Circle performed in Toronto. Anticipation for tonights Toronto performance at Air Canada Centre was high, especially with the prospect of hearing some new material live.
on Nov 18, 2017
On November 24, 2017, Celldweller will release Beta Cessions: Demos & Rarities but as of today, you can stream “Switchback”!CELLDWELLER Video Premiere “Switchback” (1999 Late Demo) [Exclusive Premiere]
on Nov 16, 2017
A name synonymous with synthesizer music for forty years now, Gary Numan is an artist of unparalleled comparison.
on Nov 15, 2017


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