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Cut Up was founded by drummer Tobias Gustafsson and vocalist/bassist Erik Rundqvist in early 2014. After disbanding Vomitory by the end of 2013 after 24 years of death metal duty, the two felt it obvious to continue creating death metal together. Very soon, guitarist Anders Bertilsson and guitarist/vocalist Andreas Björnson were recruited and Cut Up was complete. Both Bertilsson – who was previously and most notably in Coldworker (2006-2013) – and Björnson – also known from Fetus Stench – share the same musical ideals as Gustafsson and Rundqvist as well as the passion to play live. Source: Band's biography.

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Cut Up have released the title track to their sophomore album Wherever They May Rot, the follow up to 2015's Forensic Nightmares.
on Mar 21, 2017
Cut Up have released a new music video for "Vermin Funeral" from the highly anticipated second album titled Wherever They May Rot.
on Mar 08, 2017
Swedish death metal export, Cut Up, have debuted the bludgeoning lead single, "From Ear To Ear," from their upcoming new album Wherever They May Rot.
on Feb 09, 2017
Swedish death metallers Cut Up have entered the Big Balls Productions Studio in Sweden to record the successor to their critically acclaimed debut album, Forensic Nightmares!
on Sep 22, 2016
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